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Curious, are you? Well, since it's an ingrained part of human nature to enjoy talking about one's self, I guess I can accept that. Not that there's too much to talk about. I'm just your average, neurotic eighteen-year-old, at least most of the time. And no, I'm really not just using the word 'neurotic' to be dramatic. I really am neurotic. And weird. And occasionally incapable of using complete sentences.

But you've made it this far, so apparently there's some value to honesty. Aside from my obsession with the written word (it's my comfort not-food, along with any and all Joni Mitchell music), I'm... well...

Okay, yes, I'm obsessed with writing. Well, story telling, really. It can be a novel, an epic poem, a couplet, a song on the radio, a painting, a short story, a musical, a skit, a comic, a movie, an interpretive dance, a play a la Shakespeare - heck, I've even found a couple of decent television shows. Any medium that conveys a compelling story is my safe haven. So I guess that's the essence of me, really: I'm an escapist.

I'm a college freshman, vegetarian, Aries, fire-and-earth according to my Wiccan roomie, very liberal and accepting (so long's you don't try to shove your belief system down my throat), moon-worshipper, astronomy/band geek, English major, procrastinator, naive, zany, occasionally deep, poetic, loving, cautious, redhead, flower child.

And for the love of whatever deity/ethical system you hold dear, click that little maroon link that reads 'one.' I promise you won't regret it.

please feed the writer.

coming soon:
The Idiot's Guide to Literary Allusions
Shy, quirky Marcy Evans is what one could call an acquired taste - and much to both their dismay, I'm-too-cool-for-school Sam has always had a refined palette.
Featuring dares, fuzzy slippers, hellish professors, collegiate drama, frats, animal crackers, Joni Mitchell, a river in Egypt, and much, much more.
Maybe even a little love.


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