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Heyheyhey, I'm Sabrina, twenty-turning-twenty-one, currently at University studying International Relations and... Things aren't going well, since I can't plan for shit and have no money... Goode times !! (y) !!

I love reading, writing, getting drunk, dancing, and dressing up. Infact, that's pretty much all I do and then end up having to do crash revision for all my exams. I'm lazy, not gonna lie. That could be a lie - I've been known to lie a bit every now and then, if it serves the greater goode. As in. Me.

I've taken down my two other stories, and have left Lily for a while, but I think she'll be coming down pretty soon... It'll probably come back up, but it's quite difficult to write since she's based on me, kind of (I'm using my old diaries as a base line for ideas and the voice) and I hate stories that are too personal and touch too many nerves so I need to think of a more detached plot (well 'plot' - they're the diaries of an 8 year old girl, not much really happens in the life of an 8 year old girl...) before I can write any further. I think I'll put the first three books up here, but I'll keep the rest.

Um.. I love travelling, languages, boys, girls, alcohol, Amsterdam, music, books, summer, driving around with my friends, camping in the summer (with friends and alcohol, nuh), and that's about it really.

I feel I should point out that I find it really hard to update stories regularly, and just yeah. I'm sorry ?? Every time I go to write something, something really important comes up, and then in the lulls in between I have writer's block and yeah, lol. Some may say I lack commitment !!

They would be correct.

P.s. I can be sarcastic, bitchy, mean, spiteful, and nasty. But I've been working on it, and am now managing to at least keep it to myself ;)

Update ((19/12/2011)) I've finally been bullied into putting some more of my work up here, in the hopes that it might keep me motivated to actually finish them. And... Whilst I'm not arrogant enough to assume that I'm going to be plagiarised straight off the bat, I am mildly concerned about putting these up here as they are the inky papery products of much mental and emotional turmoil and strife. So please be respectful.

Update ((01/10/2009)): I feel compelled to mention some pet-hates, because, as much as I love this place, there are things here which just... Incense me.

1) I DESPISE the "Twilight" Saga. I read them before the hype of the movies. I have read all of them. Well, 1, 2, 3, and half way through 4 before I finally put it down in disgust. I gave them a goode try, I didn't go in biased. BUT THEY ARE RIDICULOUS. If anybody ever reviews any of my stories, please, PLEASE, don't feel compelled to tell me that you like Twilight. I'm saying this now as a disclaimer, as I have work up on other sites and just... Somehow, it always comes up. I'm sorry, but if you review me and are a true TwiHard fan, I will, subconsciously (or consciously) then file away all your reviews as... Well. I'm sorry, but bluntly, you won't be taken as seriously, and I'm sorry for that.

2) If I read another story here with some desperate, "PLEASE REVIEW !! I PROMISE, IF YOU REVIEW ME, I'LL REVIEW YOU !!" I will actually start a poison pen letter to that idiotic ORW (Obsessive Review W#0re). Just stop it. Seriously. Don't. All you have to do is just keep posting, damnit. You're supposed to write for yourself. Not for reviews. If you update regularly, and can write half-decently then you're going to get reviews. If you try and bribe people into reviewing your work it's just going to be bullshizzle. Infact, this is what it will be;

"OMG !!11!! Dis story is soooooo goooood !! I love ((Insert Main Character's Name Here)) their so funny !! And ((Insert Hero's Name Here)) is so hot/mysterious/funny/sexy/great !! Upd8 soon !! Love ((Insert Weird, Possibly Emo-ish Screen Name Here)) xxxxxxxxxxxx !! P.s. Don't forget to review me !!"

You see.. ?? You see what I've done there ?? I've addressed the fact that these reviews mean nothing, and are nothing more than shameless pleas for reviews IN THEMSELVES.

If you're serious about writing then you need something more than an ego-boost every time you log on - you need constructive criticism to help improve not only your story, but your writing technique as a whole. Sorry, but I just read a semi-ok story, checked out the author profile and was actually BOMBARDED by sheer desperate begging. I feel vaguely nauseous.

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