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One of these days, I'm going to write and publish a book... I'll let you know if it ever happens but life keeps getting in the way. Someday, between major life events, I really do want to write a full, publish-worthy novel. FP has been my longest standing internet relationship and has pretty much seen me grow up. Since I started my FP account in 2005 I have:

1. Graduated high school (2005)

2. Got a fancy Ivy League degree (2009)

3. Got a fancy executive job then subsequently quit my job in the interest of pursuing more meaningful career (2009)

4. Found a more meaningful career in higher education. (2010)

5. Bought a house (2011), got married (2013), informally adopted a teenager (2013).

6. Started Finished grad school (MBA) (2014)

7. Became a senior level administrator for a large, private University (2014)

8. Applied for a doctorate program (2015)

I've been writing for over a decade and in reading my stuff, I think you'll notice a big theme. There's usually an extraordinary girl, who against all odds rises above a difficult situation. I started my fascination with strong female characters in dangerous situations before I ever had to become survivor on my own. I wish I could be as strong as Alex. She isn't modeled after me, but rather illustrates the strength I wish I had or the strength I've been inspired by in others. Many of her feelings are real because I have felt them myself. No, I wasn't kidnapped by a psychopath, but I do know the gut wrenching feeling of being in danger at the hands of another evil person. Unfortunately, after I began writing this type of fiction, I have had two people close to me who have been survivors of stranger abductions and as a result, I find it harder to reconcile the fact that my fiction may represent a piece of their actual reality. Could they forgive me, knowing that I have dared to guess their struggles and pain? Few people who know me personally know that I even write.

I wonder if what I write is a guilty pleasure, or if others find some strength in the uprising of those who have been victimized. I would be interested to know what others think... PM me if you've got strong thoughts on it. Maybe after grad school part two, I'll have some more time to dedicate to writing a full novel, loosely inspired by Obsesionado.


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