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Age 19

Location Lone Star State

Reading Preferences I adore fantasy novels such as Terry Pratchett, Brain Jacques. As for horror I am a strict Stephen King, John Saul type person. Mystery novels I am not so keen on but if they are well written and have a Gothic flair then I will gladly turn their pages, romance falls in the same category as mystery novels if they are well worth my time them I will read them.

Other Hobbies: I am a huge fan of video games, all types of video games on any system. As long as I can wield a weapon of some type them I have played it or will play it. Some of my favorites are Mario Bros. (Greatest game ever created nothing has ever come close to touching its glory), God of War I-II, Hitman Silent Assassin, Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money, Assassins Creed, the Prince of Persia Trilogy, Devil May Cry 1-4, Lord of the Rings, Castlevania, Soul Calibur, Red Dead Revolver, Fatal Frame 1-3

I also write poetry when the mood takes me, and fan fiction when I have come across a new obsession.

I also am a photographer, and when I have the time either fence of kick box.

Random Favorites:

Actors: Jason Issacs (always number one), Johnny Depp, Mike Rowe, Viggo

Movies: Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hellboy 1-2, The Dark Knight, All the Pixar Films, I am Legend, The 10th Kingdom, Disney Classics, Sweeney Tood, 3:10 to Yuma, Open Range, Young Guns, I-Robot, Live Free or Die Hard, The Simpsons Movie, Stephen Kings IT (Only because I am a die hard fan and I think Pennywise is very funny)

Television SVU, Dirty Jobs, The Soup, MXC, The Boondocks, SWAT Kats the Radical Squadron (old school), South Park, Afro Samurai, I also enjoy watching FOX news and CNN, and MSNBC, and well as Scare Tactics.


Well I have been working on a story for about 5 years its my crowning jewel the best of any of my works ever. I am a little hesitant have on the internet. But there are others that are already being published Aradia Ethrealsin, and Seven Keys of Eiddin are a just a couple.

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