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I write or get my ideas in throes of inspiration. I rarely deliberate over words. Ain't it fortunate that I am easily inspired. ;) Anyway, I write for myself & many times, for my blog. I have had no formal training what so ever.

I have never exhibited my works except in my blog, which has little traffic.

So here are my works, which, bear in mind, are written purely for me. Call me self-centred.=)

I am presently a 15-year-old Chinese of the female persuasion residing in Singapore, studying at National Junior Collage.

I would appreciate it if all you people out there are able to read my work and if possible, give some comments. As I have mentioned, I have had no training and when I write poetry, I do not even have rhythm in mind. *horrors*

I have been thinking about joining the Creative Arts Programme next year. That would mean compiling a portfolio. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yay! The Greedy Impis presently showcased on the NoiseSingapore website. Ido not think that itis the best out of all the poems that I submitted though.For those who do not know, NoiseSingapore is a 'competition' for youths--competition for exposure only, not for any prizes whatsoever.


Few Things to Note:

1. Beowulf, The Greedy Imp, Revenge, TheGun& Alban Miller were written for Language Arts lessons from the past two years. Though The Greedy Imp &Revenge never did see thecritical pen of the teacher I think. Alban Miller was a timed piece.

2.The Greedy Imp& Revenge were my first attempt at personification.

3. Revenge& Resolution were written with a conscious mind towards rhyme.

4. Certified First Aideris based on real experience. ;)

5. It's always nicer to have 5 items on a list.

Love, Mistiqe.