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Name: Alexis

Age: Several ages...(this is my way of hot having to come back once a year and update.)

Background: I am 1/4 French, 1/4 Irish, and 1/2 German. People say I look Russian. I've no idea where they get that from.

Residency: East Asia.

How my friends describe me: Quote: 'something's wrong with you...', ice queen, strange but normal, bookworm.

Likes: Garth Nix, Christopher Stasheff, J.R.R. Tolkien, Brian Jaques, C.S. Forester, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Crawling Between Heaven and Earth (my absolute favorite anthology EVER.)

Also Likes: Hayao Miyazaki movies, drawing, writing, reading, my friends, l5r, Blackadder, Doctor Who.

Update 03/10/2012: Long time no see. I have not forgotten fictionpress, just been busy with college. A very recent epiphany has prompted me to write this. Okay so...I have to revamp Alder once more, but it will continue. I have concluded that the structure of the story itself is the problem here. I was trying to include too much, and I actually lost sight of what I was trying to say with this novel. Also, I was telling it from the wrong point of view: Catherine has to go. She is superfluous to the story. It does in fact give me great pain to say this, but I know this will work out much better, and I think my readers will be much happier when I get this going. I plan to split up all the events I tried to explain in the larger story, and write them as their own novellas and short stories. Most of the characters you know will still be here. For a hint, check my 'coming soon' section. These various stories - and, in fact, all the stories I've set in the Alder universe - are leading up to Something Big. Like, mind-blowing big. Not end-of-the-universe big, more like galactic conspiracy big. You're going to love it.

Alder: What is up now will remain up, at least for a time. So-called 'rewrite #4' will be up in installments as separate stories. In the update above I said the stories were building up something big. This something big is the Godkillers.

Death Wears Hungarian Knots: Evita, a partisan fighting against Napoleon's troops, miraculously escapes death at the lead of a French cannonball. Well, Death doesn't like to be cheated, so he catches up with her. Evita strikes a deal with him, a young man in a uniform decorated with what else, Hungarian knots. She'll help him in his soul collecting, and he'll let her off the hook. Even Death has enemies and superiors, so Evita has her work cut out helping Death protect their bargain, keeping them both alive, and saving the one soul that will never pass on. C

Sacrifice Wields a Fork: Evita, granted her fork of office, finds out that her mother's soul has been taken to Hell by Pestilence, the Keeper of the Nine Copyrooms of Hell. What else is Evita going to do but try to retrieve it? Not so fast, ex-partisan! Wickedness by the name of 'Sensitivity' permeates MOHL, and it seems that it's once again up to Evita and her hapless superior Death to show everyone the light. Sequel to, what else, Death Wears Hungarian Knots. C

The Dance of Crimson Steel: The Rose School, a government-funded finishing school for nobility's daughters. There's more than arithmetic and dining habits taught here; the prestige of the place comes from the finest art form in Rashiz, the Dance of Crimson Steel. To be 'top of class' means much more here than it does in any other school. To be Fene of the Dance means that you are the only woman equal to men, simply because, in the moment when you perform the sacred dance, you captivate the entire country. From age five, Dazsk Candenca, a student at the school, starts to learn what it is that the school means, what it really represents. She'll eventually find that the truth is very different from what childhood showed it to be. In this complex tale of politics, the high life, challenged tradition, and yes, a little romance, Cadenca can either chose to accept the world, or rebel against it. HIATUS! Once (if) I get Swan Song finished, I'll completely revamp it.

Swan Song: It hurts - it really does - but I think I have to put this on hold. I have to do some growing up first.

Tumbleweeds Always Roll Home: A very fictional story about the American west, Touchstone Theresa in particular, as told by her pupil/side-kick/foster son/subject of great amusement, The Cross Kid. The tale grows hilarious when they are joined by foxy evening lady Annabell Chathm, a girl after Kid's own heart...if nothing else. Lead flies from the revolvers of the two vigilantes as outlaw rings and the secret behind Kid's orphaned status are revealed. Hiatus.

I Dream of Candy: The story should never have been...not if Clara was the villain and the damsel. Wait, she's what? The story of the Nutcracker, as told by Narr a'Toor, Ice Fairy Extraordinaire and Sometimes Spy. Complete, but not all chapters up yet. Will fix that eventually.

The Finest Line: Alder doesn't really have dragons; they have wyvern, and occasionally, the wyvern leave their mountains and cause trouble for the peasantry. Who else shall they ask to defend them but the mercenary who knows the beast best? Satire of dragonslayer stories. I say satire, not parody, because this isn't funny. This is probably my favorite of the stories I've written. If you read nothing else of my work, read this. C

Tears of the Moon: Ask any Alderian about Torr, and they shall tell you of the greatest of the human kingdoms. It is a vast land that enjoys unprecedented military might and political stability rarely found elsewhere. But the roots of the country - and especially its ruling family - go back much farther than that. Enter Remi-tok, the leadership of his clan suddenly falling on his shoulders. He has to lead his people away from the mysterious fighters driving them from their land, and gets a sky of four moons. (the first of a short series of stories telling the beginnings of the tribes of Alder, including all three human countries, the Lar sister-queens, and perhaps even the wyvern and the tribes of the Wastelands.) C

Thorns and Roses: Everyone knows the story of Beauty and the Beast: the girl is forced to live with the Beast, and every day he asks her to marry him. She grows to love him as he is, lifting the curse and revealing him as a prince. Well, that story isn't this story. This Beauty stays of her own free will, and the Beast can't get rid of her! (Alder universe, oddly enough.) C

Coming Soon...?

When the World Burned: Stories from the lives of those who lived through war, revolution, slavery, and adulthood. Featuring Sarah Farrier, Acton Bromhead, Joanna Sparrow, and Michael Hoeven.

The Lobster and the Horsefly: Alice Farrier is quite the average girl, living in quite the average New England town. Her hobbies are reading, debate, and hunting. Then 1776 rolls around, and she's picked the absolute worst time to fall in love with a British officer.

"You know what's coming."

"I know," she replied sharply, fisting her hands. "I--I know. Aunt says everything's going to be fine, but she's just being nice. Other people have left, but I--we--won't. This is the life we've built."

Alice paused, trying to call up words for this nameless determination she felt; the same spirit that drove Richard into the wild every year; the pride on Abraham's face when he rebuilt their home after Pontiac's Rebellion.

"We'd rather perish protecting the evidence of our labors than cede they are worth abandoning."

Honor at Knifepoint: Dolyris, assassin and spy, is forced into the service of the Shunnois heir. There she finds redemption, though not in the way she expected.

Wastelander's Honor: In the Palace of the Stone King: 1,001 Arabian Nights, Alder style.

The women dispersed, taking her retainers with them. Urumar took her hand in his, and with the other, smoothed her hair. She could see the appreciation in his eyes.

"I didn't expect a Wastelander to be even this fetching," he said, more to himself than her, she suspected.

Don't bother flattering me, really.

Then, he smiled. It was not unkind, but she didn't like it.

"Come. Let me show you around."

Mahazi got a brief tour of the domestic wing, and some fruit to settle her stomach. She was shown her suite, where she saw Gidan and Jaradi already putting her few belongings in order - though Jaradi wasn't actually touching anything, the undead did not touch what belonged to the living. She was told she had free reign of the palace, so long as she did not leave it without his permission. The tour ended in his chambers.

Wastelander's Honor: Dawnbringer: In a land where spirits feed off the joy of the living, only the dead may provide protection.

They are spirits of sand and sun and wind, and they feed off of our joy. Only the dead can fight them. We, whose names have been unwoven from the histories of our people, given a funeral, and forbidden from speaking with or talking to anyone except the shaman, we are the walking dead, and we have no joy.

Alder: The Cold Hand: Imnid, Mother-Goddess of the Blue Sisters, drove her followers to rebel against Queen Neimnae, Iron Fist of the North. They failed, and were thrown into a prison named for forgotten things, left to rot. Now Imnid once again has a task for her followers: usurp the Northqueen, and conquer the world. This time, they might actually succeed.

Alder: Land of a Hundred Kings: Each House in Shunnoir has put a king on the throne at some point, only to be later usurped by another House's scion. But none of them were ever tutored by Her Great and Terrible Sorceress, Lorraine. Then again, none of them had to deal with a mysterious ephemeral creature that haunts the streets for blood.

One day, the Sorceress realized that the problem with her country was that those who led it were not good. They were quite seflish, and sometimes corrupt. She decided to put a stop to it, and one day, went up to the castle of the King and asked to raise a son of his family. Too afraid of the Sorceress to say no, the King gave her his youngest son, never expecting to see him again. The Sorceress took the boy to live with her in her shack, on a little rock off the coast. There, she taught him about life and how to fish, and she loved the boy as if he were her own. She told the boy he would one day be King.

In time, the boy grew, and became a man. As a man, however, he had no desire to be King. He wanted to live with the Sorceress in her shack on the tiny rock, and he wanted to fish, and he wanted to drink with the other fishermen and talk with pretty girls. But this was soon to come to an end, and it would not matter what he wanted, because in his twentieth summer, a woman was murdered.

Alder: The Hunter-Bird's Bane: Not just any man can claim to be loved by a Goddess. The one who can will need to kill her murderer, survive her brother's wrath, and pretend not to be immortal if he has any hope of having her.

Alder: The King's Own: "I am the King's whore. I died for him, and I am not sorry."

Alder: The Red Admiral of Metroni-7: The Red Admiral is a rarely awarded honor. There have only been three Red Admirals in the Confederacy's seven hundred years of governance, and each of them has done a great service under incredibly difficult conditions. Only three - but that was before Her Highness Wylyn Torr. Untested naval officer Wylyn struggles to consolidate her primitive beginnings with a galaxy full of the magic called science, but when her only two brothers - one of them King - are kidnapped, she's asked to do something much more difficult: be crowned as the first Queen of a country where a woman's worth is measured by the width of her hips.

Wylyn thought about the expression her father wore, like he knew something no one else did. Like he was pleading for her to get away from Torr. Looking up at the stars she could not see, Wylyn thought, perhaps, that maybe it didn't matter that she was born a woman. Her father had always told her that if she wanted something badly enough, she would find a way to make it happen. She wanted to protect Torr. If that meant marrying a highborn man and producing children, that was what she would do. If protecting Torr meant doing something no woman of her country had ever done - put on a uniform and taking up arms - then by the Four, she would find the strength to do it.

Metroni-7: First Contact: Llern Coperuse was certain being assigned to this M-class planet was some form of punishment. As it turns out, he had yet to know what being punished truly felt like, and all because he had this pesky thing called a conscious. His infatuation with a native woman, unwillingly engaged to be married to someone else, didn't help either.

The World is not Enough: The day Nassali got married, the happiest day of a woman's life, she said 'I do' to a stranger and a sniper fired three shots at her. Marriage is a lot more exciting than her parents made it out to be.

At last, as her father released her, she was forced to finally meet eyes with her groom and squashed the customary flash of disappointment. Markym Coperuse might have been handsome, with his red hair that had the curious quality of looking windswept and yet maintained that way, and his long straight nose, but the spattering of freckles across his cheekbones and nose, the unsettling piercing quality of his eyes, and the fact that the polite smile he wore seemed so out of place, his face was literally awkward. He was difficult for her to look at, but she held his gaze. She knew, somehow, that he knew how she looked at him, and if she did not hold his gaze now, he would never respect her.

Nassali fiercely wanted his respect. This was an arranged marriage, an economic arrangement, it had nothing to do with love. But she would have his respect.

An Ex-Partisan in Uncle Sam's Court: The third installment in the Hungarian Knots saga. Evita and Death get transferred to the United States division, present day. 'Nuff said.

The ex-partisan threw out a hip and crossed her arms over her chest. “You really want to stick with that? Oh, while you’re thinking about it, you can send a memo to Malevolence, Kindness, Charity, Truth, Denial, and Betrayal saying that if they piss you off one more time, you’re going to make your slave, Sacrifice, roast them over a fire and stick them repeatedly with her fork.”

She counted off the names of the officers in the MOHL European division on her fingers for better effect. Once done with what will just be called a hypothetical situation, she looked back to her superior.

Death blinked. “I never said anything about your fork.”

Best Served With a Cutlass: Melatha, recently thrown off her uncle's ship, quickly finds a new position on the Menaeol, a vessel advertised as a 'merchant' ship. She soon finds this is not the case, but is far from dissuaded. With the help of her dearest shipmate, the dull-witted and honest Daven, she'll discover a deadly plot against her homeland, hoist her own colors, and earn the respect she hungers for from her peers across the sea. Takes place in the world of Alder.

She stood slowly, eyes wide, as she took in the frame a full two heads taller than her own. And his green eyes were looking right at her.

“Hi,” she breathed, momentarily forgetting her bag on the dock. No, she was not smitten. Melatha didn’t do smitten.

He grinned. “I couldn’t help but notice that you said you were without employment.”

Like Champagne in a Frypan: He's immortal. She's been sleeping on benches for three years. A match made in Heaven? Jack doesn't think so. Sure, he's always heard of these wonderful soul mates you're supposed to find at some point, but this scrawny, homeless, not to mention insane woman was not what he had in mind. When two mafia hitmen break into his apartment to kill her, though, he starts to think there's a little more to Ysetti than meets the rather displeased eye.

“You’re a vampire,” she said matter-of-factly.

Jack actually let go of her in his surprise. More surprising still, she didn’t run away, screaming or otherwise. “You…You aren’t…what?”

She smirked at him, renewing his anger all over again. “I’ve seen stranger. Old Hanny cooks the eyes, Ben the legs, and the rest gets used between the triplets.”

She said all this with the air that it explained everything. As a matter of fact, it explained nothing to Jack but that the woman’s mind was gone, and had no effect but to subside his anger again. There was no way he could be angry with a madwoman.

The Games: A satirical journey into the world of the Games, a week long series of tournaments designed to pick out the strongest man in Mithannus. Enter Lady Dalis Amon, her two brothers, a Gernum friend, a meek swindler - rather, merchant, and Oanas, the stranger from across the seas that would take them all by surprise. Nobles will be overturned, peasants will be nobles, and women will take up arms? Is the world coming to an end!? Takes place in the world of Alder.

Never Walk Alone: When Sevi first heard of Otherworlders, she never expected to fall in love with one. When Sevi first went up in the Black, she never expected to like it. When Sevi first tasted true freedom, she expected to be able to handle going back to the Clergy. Never walk this life alone, because the next minutes are unexpected. Takes place in the universe of Alder. (sort of finished.)

The sky was like a clear, cloudless night on Alder. There were more stars than I could count, and I was finally getting a good look at them. Many times before I had looked up at the sky at night, but it had never touched me as it did then. Maybe because I was finally up in the Black, or because I was guarding Calleen Wise, or maybe because I felt some measure of freedom away from the surface of the planet that enslaved me. Whatever it was, my soul loved it. I was instantly enchanted with the Black.

Ghost: A collection of the mysterious and spooky adventures of Addai, a girl who searches for her older brother. Accompanying her and keeping her safe are an outcast wyvern named Niil'kiva and a ghost boy named Illi. Addai's runaway brother is drawn to tales of the supernatural, and his sister is tracking him down one poltergeist at a time. (This won't be a book so much as a collection of long chapters that each hold one complete short story, and more or less in chronological order...) Takes place in the universe of Alder.

Illi sighed. “She was a ghost.”

The girl looked taken aback. “What? Who?”

Niil’kiva cocked an eyebrow. “Lady Warenaeld, you think?”

The spirit nodded. “She’s been dead for a long time. She just never realized it.”

Wastelander's Honor: To Pay the Piper: The religion of the Wastelanders is unique in all of Alder: their gods, their spirits of the wild, are not trying to help the tribes. Instead, they are devourers of the joy of humanity, set on ruining lives and creating death. Enter Karlinak, the Piper, the one supernatural man able to drive away the spirits with the sad song he plays. unfortunately, he has other ideas of how to spend his time.

"I am sure you do your best to protect the tribes, but all we ever hear is of how the spirits have killed...That is, are there really so many that...that you cannot...”

Kelak'ash chuckled maliciously. “Yeah, Kar, why aren't you doing your job?”

The girl gasped in horror at the irreverence of his words, and the piper sent his companion a venomous glare, his cheeks coloring slightly.

“That's not what I meant to say-” she stuttered, twiddling her fingers.

“That's exactly what you meant to ask,” the wyvern corrected savagely. “And there's a very simple answer: he doesn't want to do it. So he doesn't.”

Love Actually: Lauren Bordeux is the shining star of Hollywood, envy of all and the favorite of most of the more gossipy tabloids. She's had no fewer than seven men that she 'loved,' but romance is difficult to decipher when you play it on television. (I have always been curious about the idea that actors/tresses have so many marriages because they don't actually know what love is. This will be my experiment trying to write about it from the perspective of a seemingly typical actress.)

Perpetual Motion: Time doesn't flow correctly for Astair. His life repeats itself to the point where he doesn't remember when his childhood could have possibly happened. First, he lands in an alley, injured and barely conscious. Then she takes him home and treats his wounds. Somewhere along the way he ends up having to defend her from a witch bent on taking her life, presumably because she is the only one who can stop her from destroying the world. And then, when she can no longer accept his help, she uses her power to send him back in time to do it all again. Back to the alley. But this time, something is different. The routine changes, and Astair discovers that the witch isn't who he thought she was.

I finally understand!” Mercedes cried with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. We clasped each others' hands for dear life, with two opposing forces trying to pull us apart. I didn't want to let her go, I never did. But I would have to. And it would hurt. Again.

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Her smile was still in place as she latched possessively on my arm. 'Please let go,' I asked, slightly panicky. 'When I feel like it,' the pretty prostitute answered offhandedly, patting my scrawny bicep. I wished my revolver were loaded.
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