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I'm a big fan of animation, particularly Disney animation, and I love space opera. I've been writing fan fiction for about fifteen years now. I have many stories on Macintosh disks just begging to be put on the web. Right now, I have some Aladdin stories and a Darkwing Duck story up at My non-Disney stories include Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot and Harry Potter. More stories to come.

Best Ginny and Harry romance that you've never read: Goddess Kes' 'Not' series. Check 'em out! They should have many, many more reviews than they have!

Best Filch series: Ozma's 'Squib' series. Think Argus Filch isn't worth rooting for? These will make you think again. Hundreds of reviewers can't be wrong!

Favorite Story about Bill Weasley And Not Just Because Ryven Wanted to Use My Bookwyrm ;-): A Clockwork Sphinx, by Ryven.

Story of the Month of November: Sunpixie's "Ron Weasley and the Emerald Necklace": Ron gains a magical emerald necklace that begins to make everything go his way. That's a good thing, right? Right? Well, don't sit around here reading this, go read that story! Review it, too!

What am I working on? Well, since you asked, I have several stories 'in the works':

A crossover with Ozma's Squib Series! Yay! Squib Summer is well under way. (Summer ain't over 'til we say it's over! And Harry will be glad when September comes.)

"A Harry Situation" started out as a one shot, and is now expanding to cover all of the summer after Harry's disastrous fourth year. Homework, cleaning attics, owls and a fine game of telephone tag!

Planning Ahead, which turned into a two chapter story is going to be getting a sequel: "Naming Names", since several people actually wanted to know what names Ginny had thought of.

Remus Lupin's Last Meal also morphed from a one shot story to a chaptered story. The story title has changed to "As-Sorted Marauders". Chapter One is "Remus Lupin's Last Meal", Chapter Two is "James Potter's Comforting Thought". Peter and Sirius will have chapters, too. Might do non-Marauders, if my Muse comes through.

And I have plot bunnies for: Remus getting hired as DADA professor (oo, like that hasn't been done), "Harry Potter's First Crush" (No, not who you're thinking of, I guarantee that!) and "Snape's Boggart".

By the way, if you'd like to add some genuine British slang to your HP stories, but aren't familiar with it, check out the excellent slang dictionary at: /slang/

This site is dedicated to the memory of Richard Harris, actor, hell-raiser and the best portrayer of Albus Dumbledore that I can imagine. His successor has some big shoes to fill. *