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((10/6/09: Yeah... I kind of dissapeared. I won't make any concrete promises about reapearing, either; I've always kind of meant to, but nothing ever happens the way I want it to and life has gotten in the way. And it will most likely continue to do so. I may pop in to shoot off a review or something every now and then, but I don't know how much of my writing will make it up here. Just thought I'd say something on the off chance that anyone does happen to see this.))

About Me:
Oh, come on. You don't really want to read this.

I'm boring.

Seriously. Go away.

Don't waste your time.

Are you still here? Well, okay, I suppose I might have something to say:

I'm Janine. I'm in college, but I'll be out shortly. I'm 21. I like rain, chocolate, google-ing random things, and music in almost any form. I'm opinionated, but reserved; I'm passionate about things, but laid back; I like people a lot, but most of them scare me. I prefer observing to participating and listening to speaking. If I'm going to do something, I have to do it well or else not at all. I have a different mode of thinking than most of this world. I am a stubborn idealist- sometimes disillusioned, but never disenchanted. I am a lover of Truth and a violent hater of that which is false. I believe in Faith; I believe in Hope; I believe in Love. With capital letters. I have set my heart on Heaven and I intend to get there by the road that has been carved out for me, through whatever difficulty, at whatever cost... and I love the One that carved it with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Yeah... that's pretty much me. I told you it was boring.

About My Writing:
I write only what I see, but I don't always see things the same way others do. I suck at titles and am always open to suggestions in that regard. I believe in the principle of reciprocity: if you review me, I will review you. Always. I will also try to be as blunt and as thorough as I can. I would appreciate the same from you.

FICTION: In the past, I have tended to lean towards the fantasy genre, but lately I have been coming away from that for no reason in particular. I also like to do short stories. Fair Warning: I am a slow and picky writer, and things often don't get finished. I've never finished a story before... except for one, but it wasn't very good. My brain just isn't wired for the concept of "closure." I've been working on correcting that, but know that the more you bug me about it the less it makes me want to do it.

POETRY: This will probably be my largest section, since poems are short and easy to finish. I don't really like to do freestyle, as I think most people do these days, mostly just because I'm not very good at it; I'm more into playing with rhyme schemes and classical styles. I also like to use classical allusions and things like that, but some of them might be more obscure than I realize, so if something doesn't make sense, always feel free to ask.

Current Projects:
The Farender Saga: This is my baby. It is undergoing major surgery right now, but I may post some of it soon... some may have already read the first bit, but when I post it, it will be changed in varying degrees. Plot: A mysterious man, belonging to a loosely-tied order of travelers called the Farenders, walks into an isolated and hostile little town in the northern forests. The townsfolk make it clear that he is not welcome, but a new problem arises when they realize that he and his fellow wanderers might be the only ones who can save them...

Note about this one: I just want to say a ginormous, super huge THANK YOU to everyone who reviewed the Wanderers. You were all so helpful, and I considered every one of your suggestions in my re-writing. Sorry for being lame and abandoning it without a word, but hopefully the revised version will not disappoint.

Invisible (working title): Technically part of the Farenders universe, but not really a sequel. A more speculative and symbolic story where nothing is as it seems. Plot: One day, a girl shows up to the town of her childhood after a few years' absence. Wounded, near death, and half crazed, with no memory of the past few years. She eventually decides to seek to enter the courts of the King, who lives across the forest (blatant allegory alert), in hopes of finding the secret of her past and finally healing her wounds...

The Wasteland: Short story about living in a desert and the promise of water.

His Name Is...: Semi-sequel to the Wasteland. Notebook was destroyed by a flash flood on a camping trip, so some of it is lost. It's almost finished, though...

Toy Soldier (working title): A short story that may or may not turn into something more. Plot: An awkward little Victorian girl is bored at her Aunt's wedding, and wanders off to explore a mysterious-looking garden, and suddenly dreams are blurred with reality. Based on a dream I had.

Come to Me (working title): Short story. An illustration of why I feel so at home when it rains.

untitled: Telling the story of a past exploit of the main character of the first Farenders tale. Upon hearing about the death of an old friend, he makes the long journey to attend the funeral. Once there, he begins telling the other wanderers of how he and the deceased met and their adventures together... A proposed sort of prequel to the Farenders, with an Asian twist.

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