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About Us

There are three distinctive writers of the fiction "The Games Grown Folks Play." We are smart, sassy, opinionated and crazy sisters from three entirely different parts of the United States. We all love to write and together, we make up TheDivineCreations. These are our individual personalities:


I am an intelligent, edgy, and Southern girl! My writing voice is most definitely soft-spoken, melancholy, dramatic and captivating with an occasional blast of spunk and attitude! I am left-handed, which I contribute to my unusual, eccentric personality. Also, I can appreciate a wide variety of music. I have always been the "off" one in my family where everyone is almost confused by me. I met my fellow co-writers under random circumstances. We just liked each others stories and were like hey, we should write a story together! Of the three of us, I would say I'm the more sensitive writer..haha. And you most definitely will notice my chapters when I write them!


Manic, Edgy, Driven, Crazy, Dramatic and Intense, definitely describe the personality that I take on when I write. I'm the uber random one. I'm not the type to anally plan out something when I have to write. I like to be crazy and use whatever psycho thought pops in my head. I also love to inject a lot of my goofy personality. My chapters will either have sass, sarcasm or just outright randomness! So, see if you can figure out which chapters belong to me...


I can't think of a nickname that I like, sooooo I'm just going to use my Mama-Given-Name. That's good enough, right? Strong, intelligent, sassy mouth, confident, and beautiful. People say I'm not like most girls they know, and I am proud of that. I write very explicit and detailed, dramatic and realistic, with a sense of humor and excitement.

So, check out our first collaborative story, "The Games Grown Folks Play" and feel free to check out our individual works that are under the favorites!

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