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Welcome to A Writer's Touch

We are an online community that encourages writers of all genres. You can find us online by clicking on our homepage link. If you would like more information before visiting, please email us at admin@awriterstouch.net. Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting out you can find a welcoming home in our community. We also encourage those that aren't writers, but are avid readers and know what makes a great book great to join us as well.

We have contests throughout the year. Their entries will be housed here for the contest's duration. Once a contest is closed and all votes have been tallied each contestant is welcome to move their entry to their own FictionPress account. Contests are for members only. If you would like to join in on a contest please feel free to visit our site and join. Read the rules and register for a free account on our forums.

We also have a feature known as the Story Spotlight. This feature showcases a story or stories that we think deserve some special attention. You don't have to be a member to have your story spotlighted or to even suggest a story to spotlight. We do however prefer FictionPress stories as they are easily rated and easy to link to. If you have suggestion, please email us at spotlight@awriterstouch.net. Put the story title in the subject line. Add a link, a short summary, and the fiction rating in the body of the email.


04.03.07 - April's Story Spotlight is up! This month we have The Case Files of Ace Brennan 15 by SeraphicRadiance.
Summary: For detectives, life comes easy... or does it. Join along as Ace contends with his detective work and his own reckless abandonment.
Fiction Rated: T

03.31.07 - Our message board has moved. Due to the cost of hosting our own board, it has been decided that it would be best to move the board to Runboard.com's free message board hosting services. To visit our new message board click here.


Sorry, we have no contests at this time. Check back soon.

Want to enter a contest?

Visit our message board and go to the Contests forum for the full details on our contests. Write your submission, adhering to any specified rules, and send it to the email address shown in the contest rules. Your submission needs to be an attached MS Word (.doc) or text (.txt) document (contact us at admin@awriterstouch.net if this is a problem) and must be received by the specified deadline.

Want to help judge a contest?

1. Review an entry like you would any other FictionPress story and tell us what you thought. The more detail you include, the better. Then follow the link at the end of the story to vote for it to win.

2. Read all contest entries, then choose your favorite one and review that entry. Tell us in the review why you think it should win. Please tell us why you chose the submission you did, as well. The more detail you can provide, the better. Then follow the link at the end of the story to vote for it to win.

Please keep in mind that all submissions are the conception and property of their author.
Any expressed opinions and/or content choices are those of the individual writer and not necessarily those of the
A Writer’s Touch administration or message board community.

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