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Darkened1 here, just saying sorry for the lack of life in this place. I've just gotten married and am pregnant, so my writing will be slowly trying to come back to life as I meander through the work days and the nausea. I will let you know I am fourteen weeks along, so the baby is about the size of a lemon, or a three inch heel, my uterus has doubled in size, it has functioning kidneys, eye balls, hands and has been able to feel pain for over three months. The heart beat is faster than mine (which is always racing pumping twice the amount of blood as normal), and if it's a boy, we will name him Giddeon James Cogar. Were not sure about a girl yet, but I like the name Aiden...



Twisted Tales: A random collection of poems that I have been writing at authors whim, some old some new, some dark and dreary, other just dreary. For people of all ages over 12.

I am going to be trying to upload a new story about a dying breed of human that not many can remember the full glory of. I don't have a set title yet, but it may be called one of three things:

The Truth About Me
What Ever Happened To Them
Going Out With My Boots On


Apollo's Fall: Well, just a random poem about how I thought it must've gone when Apollo first fell in love, and how he would react if he ever got shot down.

Dianna's Moon: A story about Dianna, the Goddess of the hunt, catching a man poaching on her sacred land. At first it's a game... but then things get interesting.

Pluto: An old folktelling woman is giving a midnight scare to some children about Pluto's prowling.

Siren's Song: An old mermaid sings of her sorrows (kinda black humor in the whole idea. She's singing about being tired of singing when all it does is kill the men she falls in love with.)

Space: A random short one-shot of my try at something kinda sci-fi. Enjoy.

The Lost: A cancer patients mental wanderings (note: pinch belt and burning sensations are doctors administering shots, maybe Euthenasia? The brunette blur is the woman's daughter, and almost the whole thing is inside of the woman's illusionary mind. Sorry if that wasn't clear to the people who DIDN'T READ IT!!)

~-M~-M~-My Apologies:

For not being here in so long, I can't wait to start reviving my creative juices!

God Bless ,

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