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Well, finally after a long time of trying to get myself to do so, I finally have changed my bio. Yes, I know you're all thrilled. Not.
Anyhow, what can I say about me? I am The Lady Destiny, in charge of making sure everyone in every dimension's destiny is going correctly.
My age is none of your business, but I'm roughly around 1,750, give or take a few hundred years on either side.

As for my friends, I have made many online, so I shan't make a "shout out" list, as I do not want to forget anyone. But I want to say a special hello to
my Twin-chan, Konitsu, who is Konitsu The Lady Fate on here, go read her stories!

(Apollo) This is so boring.
(Emmy) Shuddap Tiger-boy. Oh yes, and for those of you who do not know, Apollo is one of my muses, and a male talking white tiger. Who is VERY annoying.
(Safir) Don't forget me! I'm Emmy's other muse, Safir. I'm a silver colored dragon.
(Apollo) They don't care who you are, Dragon.
(Safir) Well they don't care who you are either, Tiger-boy!
(Emmy) Both of you hush, I swear, I'm -this- close to trading you both in for new muses. And this is my bio, not yours, so SHUSH! *coughs* Ahem, anyway, where was I?
(Apollo) Slowly going crazy?
(Safir) How can she go crazy, when she already is?
(Emmy) *talks sweetly* Ap, Saf? Run. Fast. I mean, like the wind.
(Safir) Um...Tiger-boy? I don't like the look in those emerald green eyes of hers...What should we do?
(Apollo) I'm thinking the running for our lives option is looking pretty good.
*Apollo and Safir run off screaming, with Emmy chasing close behind. Emmy stops for a moment, and looks back to the readers* And don't forget to read my stories! And as always
"Please leave a contribution in the little review box"
*waves, and returns to chasing after her muses*