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~~ I'm very happy! As notified by my new (Well, no longer new, but still) picture, The Awakening (now called Savior of the Damned) won Most Memorable Character(s) in the Fictionpress Supernatural Awards 2008. Still, I'd prefer it if my readers did not read that draft. If The Awakening interests you, please read the second draft: Savior of the Supernatural. It's the same story, but better written and closer to the version I hope I to publish ~~~

-- Now I get back to my profile --

If you ever want to know about me and my psychotic life, feel free to PM me. Otherwise, I'd rather use this space as a place to selflessly advertise my work (stories/website) and mention things that I find interesting and/or helpful. I don't mind if you skim over this space just as long as you thoroughly pay attention to the section dedicated to the 'Savior of the Damned.'

Below is a Table of Contents (yes I actually need one of those) describing what you will find on my profile:

Author/Novel Sites

Writer's Haven

Story Ideas (that I may or may not actually pursue)

The Savior section (Next Chapter Snippet and summary)

My Sites


Where I talk about my writing journey with both Savior of the Damned and any other project I pursue. Follow me while I map my journey to publication! SotD had a full manuscript request. All I have to do is edits, edits, edits.


The overall point of 'Triple R: Read, Rate, Review' is to help published authors and aspiring writers get seen, as well as connect readers with interesting content. There are book reviews, interviews, many guest appearances courtesy of publishers and authors, and weekly featured videos.

Writers Haven:


Writer's Haven is a proboards message board for writers, artists, rpers, and anyone who wants to meet new, interesting people. I am no longer the admin there, what with all the book reviews and article writing and novel writing and other sites I have to run or contribute to; I gave the position over to two other people.

NEW: WH has been updated to Vers.4. New codes, updated content, new boards, a new coadmin, etc.

Story Ideas:

Savior of the Damned is actually part of a long book series I have planned called Danse Macabre. I'll refrain from giving all of the book titles and their descriptions, though I'll share some of the general content you'll find in each if I get succesful: Soul Eaters; Soul Realms; Fallen angels; the 7 deities (In my story, this is hell's version of the Council of the Arch, or just Council, which are the legendary angels like Gabriel, Michael, etc.); Evil priests; Assistant Guardians (a term you'd be familiar with if you read Savior of the Damned before I removed it. It's what Doceon is); Fiend Eradication Organization; unruly group of expirements; lost worlds; master swords; Cain (from Cain and Abel in the bible); the pre-armageddon war; a child trained to murder; Dracula and the Pureblood Game; ganger banger creatures; weilder of psycho death books; alternate worlds and dimension witches; Dreamcatchers (as a species).

That's generally all. However, I do have some short story ideas that have nothing to do with Danse Macabre above, and another fantasy series that I'd like to pursue if I ever finish Danse Macabre. The fantasy series is The Collectors and The Collectors: Timeskip. Than there's the dark fantasy ideas I had, like Cursed and something else about all seeing eyes. I'll explain the short story ideas, though they were just thought of last night at two in the morning.

The Last Dance (Title subject to change): This idea came to me for various reasons. (1) I wanted to enter a contest where your first paragraph has to be extremely action filled. Sadly, the first paragraph of Savior of the Supernatural was not only lacking that action bang (it was uncalled for), but it's not a short story. For an exciting first paragraph, I kept seeing a girl running out of time, running from death itself. (2) I was disappointed in this short story collection Stephenie Meyer and other writers participated in. They were supposed to be prom themed, yet lots of them were lacking. I wondered what type of story I would write if it had to be a prom themed horror without a ridiculous amount of gore.

And so the idea came of a girl going to a prom with a group of decieving students who curse the dance. In a matter of hours, all the souls of the dead in that area will rise and dance with the living, and they will be forced to dance with the dead until the end of time. Hence why it's their last dance. The girl tries to stop the decieving students, tries to get everyone out, but alas...

It should be full of symbolism and should be the type of horror that scares on a psychological level, making readers think as well. That's what I want to pull off, at least.

To Be a Character (Title subject to change): This idea was also to challenge myself. I'm a very serious type of writer. I'm not good at pulling off sappy romance or comedy. I can do dark humor in the context of a story, but it could never be marketed as humor alone. So I wondered if I could successfuly pull off a parody comedy and this came to mind.

Let's say all characters are not created in one person's mind, but they hang out in some type of alternate world awaiting the moment an author thinks up their qualities to take them away. The character telling the story has to be a unique one, one not used in centuries or ever. He comments on main characters from other languages, giving us what daily life is like for him intermingling in the world of the muse. Mostly, he's trying to make the reader take him out of the world and give him his own story.

It sounds like it has a lot of potential to be extremely funny and meaningul at the same time (it can also give writing tips), but only if I can pull it off.

Savior of the Damned

Summary: After spending three months in Rehab, Alecia finally returns home, but it's not as wonderful as she hoped. In fact, it's mostly surreal, or like one never-ending drug trip with creatures of all kinds. Might as well have stayed in rehab.

Chapter 1: Surreal

Chapter Snippet: (I used to update this while I was still working on the chapter in my notebook or when I found something sufficient enough to post or the moment right before I uploaded the chapter. Even though I'm only uploading the first three chapters, I will continue to update all the snippets. Keep in mind that the snippet ALWAYS corresponds to the last chapter listed above.)

I turned to mom and dad, who'd both been staring at me take in my surroundings.

"The house looks amazing, like someone pressed rewind and paused before the nightmare. Of course, there was plenty of time to fix everything up."

Mom raised her eyebrow. "Nightmare? What are you talking about?"

"The house got totally trashed," I said.

Silence. The longer the silence, the more it dawned on me that she was serious. Goosebumps climbed up my back and stopped below my neck, which was already hot with confusion and paranoia. The way our house was trashed...there's no way they could've forgotten, and it had to have happened; my memory of the event was too thorough. Yet, as I looked at the room again, I realized my thoughts about the house appearing rewinded and paused wasn't far from the truth.

In fact, nothing had been replaced. These were the exact same items from before.

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Savior of the Damned reviews
After spending three months in Rehab, Alecia finally returns home, but it's not as wonderful as she hoped. In fact, it's mostly surreal, or like one never-ending drug trip with creatures of all kinds. Might as well have stayed in rehab. 6th Revision
Fiction: Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Horror/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 9,138 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 10/2/2011 - Published: 3/5/2011
Tip of the Month reviews
So far: Dialogue, Helpful Review, Characters, Info dumps, Sub-Plots, Writing a Series, Merging Genres, Real World Logic.
Fiction: Essay - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense - Chapters: 8 - Words: 10,191 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 9/15/2010 - Published: 8/1/2009
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