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Well, I updated it!
Name: Danielle. Pff. I'm not givvin out no last name.

Age: 13! I'm a teenager! Whee...

Grade: 8th Grade, yo. Can't wait until high school.

Shoes Size: 9 (I got big feet...)

Status: Single and fine with it, but it seems a lot of the guys have suddenly decided to become hot and march around their hotness in front of me like it's funny or something. I'm not laughing.

Height: I'm 5'4. Like you wanted to know.

Weight: 116 pounds! And it's muscle, so just shut up!

Ethinc Background: Umm...well, I'm 1/8 Polish. And then the rest of my family history has disappeared for the rest of eternity. But my last name is an English name, so I guess I'm English. And I think that I may have Gernan and French in me. So, I'm just everything in Europe, all rightie? That works for me.

Religion: I'm Methodist, but I haven't gone to Church recently...

Location: Upstate New York

Uhm...I love writing--especially wierd, sarcastic, turning your words on yourself stuff. Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my idol. I love getting e-mails from my readers, wether they be a flames or i-luff-ur-work mails, so please take a couple minutes and send me a message!


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