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Who am I? That's a damn good question. I am: an eternal optimist, an asshole, a musician, a rather crazy writer, a drinker of tea, a hopeless romantic, a foreigner everywhere, kind of pale, a teller of bad jokes and doer of bad card tricks, a dreamer, a quasi-history buff (let's not talk about it), an adventurer, a lover, a fighter, and of course a writer.

I have no tolerance for racism. I love forbidden romances (not that I've had one...). I hate people that do drugs. I think people that need drugs or alcohol to have a good time are kind of stupid. I can't write poetry. I dance to Shakira. I go on writing binges, sometimes writing for hours on end in the middle of the night. I draw fairly well. I love foreign men. I have a theory that there is something in the water in Quebec that makes you fall in love. I think Egypt is the bees' knees. I can be brutally honest and I don't like to pretend to like people; if I don't like you I'm not going to put up with you. I am horribly impatient. I have an abysmal singing voice. I'm too hot-tempered (and a horribly stereotypical Irish American). I don't like it when people can't take hints. I like to travel anywhere. I laugh at myself when I'm not laughing at anyone else. I hate people that take themselves too seriously. I have abominable handwriting. I hate being anyone's personal translator. I love the movie Amelie. I wear sunglasses and flipflops more often that I probably should. I play jazz guitar. I hate wearing shoes. I am a very passionate person. I think getting lost is fun (and I know fun is not an adjective because I own English class, I just don't care). I am amazed every time I see the song and dance numbers in Lagaan (even though Bhuvan should have gone with Elizabeth...sorry if I just ruined the movie). I have a knack for going off on rants. I think Indian bread is heavenly. I hate pre-ripped jeans. I love Bruce Lee.

And I have really good times.

More? Okay. I love nice people, but not people that are so nice that they can't be honest. I think being open and honest is very important, and you should tell people the truth as long as they deserve it, if that makes sense. I also love meeting new people, visiting new places, and trying new things. Do it up!

Haha WHAT is wrong with me? Way too much, I'm just a crazy kid ;). Every morning I come down my stairs doing the Out Tonight dance from Rent (though I'm usually not wearing lingerie). If you think I'm making that up...just go read my stuff.