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Hey everyone! I'm Kiea Evergreen. I finally decided to get off my butt and finally up-date my profile. So here it is!

Here are the basics of me:

1.) I play the piano and the violin. If I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at them both.

2.) I LOVE to read books. Haven't had time in the past few months, but recently I have been reading up a storm. Ahh...feels so good to read books again. sighs contently

3.) I LOVE animals as well. Currently going to college and getting an AAS in Equine Science (horse degree). For example, I have one dog, five cats (crazy I know), lots of fish, and more than enough birds (close to twenty, I've lost count).

4.) Love to listen to music. It helps to inspire me to write and books help along with that. My friends are still trying to up-date me in the world of music.

5.) Love to hang out with my family. I find it fun to sit on the couch with my family and watch hallmark movies on hallmark. Not for the entire day, but at night when we have nothing to do.

6.) Love to hang with my friends and talk about movies, books, our stories we're writing,...boys cough. ;)

I think that pretty much somes up the basics of me. With the exception that I love to laugh, smile, I'm funny, sweet, kind, etc. I know, so modest about myself. :D And there you have have it! Me in a nut shell...kind of.

On a Side Note:

The Believer's Door: This is my newest addition along with three others that I have been itching to write, but have been having writers block. This story was inspired from when I personally went to Girl Scout Camp this summer as a counselor myself. So, I dedicate this story to all those counselors from this summer and to the camp itself. I hope you enjoy and please R&R. Thanks so much! I'll try and up-date when ever I can. I'll make that my New Year Resolution. YAY! I now have a New Year Resolution! Write you later! And many thanks to my editor and good friend Calypso Silverhawk. If not for her, all my stories would wither to nothing from bad punctuation and grammar. Many thanks Calypso!

Tale of Tails: This story is dedicated to a friend from camp who can never escape the mice, from the very special camp that I love to work at each summer. Ths story is about a sibling of four mice who are trying to save their forest and home from the evil snakes that are trying to take over along with evil rats. Whatever shall they do!! But with the help of some strange and unexpected friends will they be able to stop the evil forces from taking over. scary scary!!

An Ancient Secret: This story I would have to say will be my two book series. This story is all about the power of friendship and love, and what costs are you willing to give to save the ones that you care about the most. A girl name Kikia after meeting some pirates sets sail on her life long dream to sail the ocean and live a life of adventure. Till one day she finds a necklace that reveals her past and her destiny that lies before her. But before she can save their world she will have to come face to face with her ancestors past. Will she be able to handle their ancient secret?

Star Sisters: This is my most newest story that I am currently working and tryign to finish. This story is about twin sisters who are complete opposites in almost everyway. They are as different as the Sun and the Moon. The sisters go out star gazing one night and witness a shooting star falling out of the night sky and landing near where they were gazing. They find the star and both by accident wish upon it, and unexpectly they get transported to another world. On this world of star people and gaurdians a war has broken out and the only way for them to get home is for both their wishes to come true. Can both these sisters work together long enough to get home or will their differences set them apart? Remeber to "be careful of what you wish for."

Some stories( names of authors here, on fictionpress) that I highy recommend for you to read and check out are:

Alabrith Ironflame

Cisca Ironflame

Calypso Silverhawk

Lomadia Runelight


Three Girls Same Ambition

Enjoy all their stories! I know that I do. I also hope that you will enjoy my stories as well. Please R&R (read and review) for me. Thanks! Well, that's about it for now. Write you later!

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Star Sisters reviews
Twin sisters who are complete opposites of each other wish upon a fallen shooting star. Unexpectedly, they end up in another world and the only way for them to get home is for their wishes to come true. However, these wishes have a heafty price to pay.
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A peronsal essay that I had to write for my english class. Dedicated to those that I work with at the special Summer Camp and to those girls that come every summer that have touched and changed my life. Thank you.
Fiction: Essay - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,128 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/12/2009 - Complete
Tale of Tails
To every beginning there is life, and to every ending there is death. To every story there is a hero and to every storyline there is a villain. And to every creation there is a story that needs to be told.
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She was hired as a counselor at a Girl Scout Camp for the summer, thinking it would be a fun way to spend the summer. However, strange things start to occur at the camp and everything is beyond normal. Where at this camp, magic might really do exist.
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