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Right I'm retiring from fictionpress. I don't have time for it anymore and I want to really work on my writing. The stuff I post up here isn't as ready to be read and a review from someone on one of my non serious stories made me realise that if I can't take criticism on my writing and bounce back then I'm not ready for people to read it. I don't want my writing or stories to be 'mediocre, decent enough' so I'm taking a break from writing for reviews. I'm going to focus really hard on my rewrite of No Fairy and finish it hopefully one fine day I will get it published who knows. If anyone really wants to continue with reading No Fairy and/or Forever Dreaming then contact me and I'll email you chapters as I write them but the fictionpress thing for the moment at least is over. If was following your story I'll continue to but I won't be writing anymore so yeah feel free to read what I have up and feel free to contact me about any of the stories, plot questions, plot ideas or just comments but I won't be uploading anymore. Thanks to all my kind reviewers who have stuck with me and such.

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Opal Fairy

Can this be me?:This was my first ever long story I posted on fictionpress. Its about fifteen year old Libby who is raped at the beginning of the story. Its the journey of her getting back to a healthy lifestyle really. I know far to many people who have been raped and I guess thats why I wrote this to tell the story of those rapes which never get reported and people just attempt to forget.

Virgin Temptress: Lye is trapped in a life she doesn't want to lead but a discovery in her Great-Grandfathers studio leads her to the tragic untold tale of the beautiful Lady Ellsia Vederent. A tale full of passion, betrayal, love, beauty and treason.

No Fairy: I love this story its my total baby! Based in a future where the political climate has changed. Due to the disgraceful levels of teenage pregnancy and teenage delinquincy young girls now enter Instituitions at the age of seven to be bought up isolated and untouched by men till their wedding day. Juliet Black rebelled running away from her institute Faithful Heart to be on the run with other rebels where she fell in love with Eric. Caught and thrown in the Istitute the Sacred Rose Juliet does her upmost to survive and forget Eric but the beautiful fairy finds herself thrust into being the star of the institute when the Emperors son Matthew takes a fascination with her.

Forever Dreaming: Sixteen year old Alicia Madden was violently murdered in the quiet village of Carmicheal. Two years on the village is trying to forget her existence but her two best friends continue to struggle without any closure on their darling friends death. On the two year anniversary of the death the discovery of her diary gives Talia and Melissa hope on solving the mystery but everything starts going wrong when the girl in the diary becomes a different person to the girl they were friends with. Sometimes secrets really should be taken to the grave!

Knotches, bedknobs and dormrooms: Madeline Perry is a girl who is thrown into boarding school for sixthform when her parents decide to go and live their dream of being Doctors in Africa. Loudmouthed, fiery, stubborn and pretty Maddie quickly sets whispers flying and blood pumping but with her past love life a tragedy in her eyes the last thing she needs is the attention of certain guys.

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Knotches, bedknobs and dormrooms reviews
“I hate you Denver Ha” I didn't get to finish though because his mouth covered mine'One new girl at boarding school with one secret. One player, one bastard, one rebound and then The one. But which one is he? Maddie Perry's love life never could be simple
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