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Hey to anyone who actually reads this. I'm back, i think, and picking up the shards of my life that I dropped. Quite a lot of things happened after I finished my exam. I'll be putting up stories again soon, I hope, as long as I rediscovered the half-done chapters of Water and Project Supernatural anyway. I dumped them to god-kows-where in January. I'll try to be quick. Take care people!


NAME : Cearul Young

D.O.B. : 14-11-1990

AGE : 17

STARSIGN : Scorpio (and extremely proud of it:P)

ELEMENT : Water (thus the name of one of my stories!!)


WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE?? : 5"10 (I'm only 17!! I can't stop growing taller so soon!! NOOOOO!!) , dark brown hair and eyes.

HOBBIES : Daydreaming; fool around with my friends; read nice books about supernatural stuff and of course, do what a younger brother does best - annoy his sister!!

FAV MUSIC : I don't know about this coz it always changes...

FAV MOVIE : Not sure about this as well... :(

FAV AUTHORS : L.J.Smith; J.K.Rowling; Tamora Pierce; Cate Tiernan; Meg Cabot; Christopher Paolini, Cecilia Ahern etc, etc..

FAV BOOK : Harry Potter series (naturally...); Night World series; the Secret Circle trilogy; the Song of the Lioness quartet; the Immortals quartet (Daine rules!!); Trickster's Choice; Trickster's Queen; the Will of the Empress; the Wicca aka Sweep series; the Balefire series; the Mediator series; the Inheritance series (I really can't wait for the third and last book to come out!! I wonder what is going to happen between Eragon & Arya and Eragon & Murtagh..); P.S. I Love You (this book left me speechless and in a daze for days...); the Chronicles of Narnia (read this at last!! I stole all six books out of the school library because they haven't been processed yet and I'm too lazy to wait!!) and many more!!

BOOKS ON MY MUST-READ-SOON LIST : Strange Fate (by L.J.Smith!! Yippeee!!); Eyes of Crow (by Jeri Smith-Ready. I don't know anything about this author or the books she wrote but the summary of Eyes of Crow sounds awesome!!); the last book of the Inheritance trilogy, Brisngr (is this spelt correctly?), The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

BOOK(S) I'M CURRENTLY READING : 50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know by Joanne Baker (I'm a little crazy about Physics..)

A LITTLE MORE ABOUT ME!! : A guy who hates Maths and he always daydreams about being the one who eliminates everything mathematical (isn't that great?? We don't have to worry about all those annoying little numbers!!)!! I'm quite soft-hearted, if you want me to do anything, just put on a sad face, whiny voice and beg me. But if you make me mad, then some cruel words might 'accidently' flow out of that mouth of mine and I will not regret saying them. Until a few minutes (or even seconds!) later :P !! I'm also the kind who tends to stumble over every single word I want to utter whenever I'm nervous, so sometimes it is a little troublesome for me when I need to do a presentation or whatever.

THINGS / PEOPLE I LIKE : I adore my grandfather even though he's a little deaf and I have to yell just so that he can hear me!! My grandmother!! My father, mother and big sister (even though I just love to irritate her)!! My best friends!! Sleep (zZzZZzZz...) !! Watermelons!! Food!! My ex-English teacher - Ms. Sharon!! English lessons!! My Physics teacher (she's the best in the world!)! Sleep (zZzZZzZz...) !! The TV series - Charmed (even though a lot of people I know hate it...)!! Natural crystals that haven't been cut or whatever (but not Amethyst as I have more than a few of it already..)!! Babies and toddlers!! Watching the rain falling and lightning streaking across the dark sky (coooooool!!)!! Sleep(zZzZZzZz...) !! Did I repeat it again?? Oh well...

THINGS / PEOPLE I HATE : Annoying little kids who don't know when to stop bugging me and yelling next to my ears!! My best friend - Joey with her boyfriend (I mean,she dumped her best friends whenever he's around! Treating us like some recyclable stuff or whatever. She ignores all of us when we walk by but then will stick to us when he's not with her. So we've come to a conclusion, and that's she's a BITCH!!)!! Losers who interrupt me for no apparent reason when I'm talking!! Being blamed for something I didn't do (grr...)!! Mathematics!! Boring lessons!! Stupid prefects who just love to show off!! Hot and sunny days!! People who look down on me!!

THE WAY I'D SPELL THE WORD : If you guys are going to read any of my stories, then you'd notice that I'd be writing 'magick' instead of 'magic'. Magic is more like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or turning a white handkerchief into a pigeon or whatever. Magick is different. Still in doubt? Then go to and you'd discover an entry for the word 'magick' (adjective - magickal). If you still have a problem with the way I spell it, then don't read my story.


WATER- Basically it's about a girl named Sienna Fox who caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Among all those emotional turmoil, she received her power. Like the name of this story, her power is the ability to control water. Then her ex-boyfriend (the one who cheated on her) and his girlfriend got themselves kidnapped by a bunch of brutes and Sienna had decided to rescue them out (and almost got herself killed!!). After all that, Sienna got her man back and well, things didn't exactly end with a happily ever after. A powerful enemy had risen. The enemy had almost destroyed the Fox family three decades ago and now the enemy had decided to do it all over again.

DIFFERENT EYES : JEZEBEL- This story is about a girl named Jezebel Chernobog. She didn't know who her parents were as they had 'died' mysteriously when Jezebel was just a baby. Jez was considered the wirdo in her school because of her eyes. They were different, some would even say freaky - one blood red while the other as black as a black hole, swallowing light in, never reflecting any out. Then after taking part in a trip organised by her school Jezebel learnt what she truly was when the world was newly created, and what had happened to her past self. Since then, Jezebel had changed, giving in to the shadow that had governed her life before her past self was destroyed. Jezebel met someone along the way, a good witch who was more than willing to help her control the evil within, but as other forms of evil rose up from Chaos, will the witch succeed in turning Jezebel back into good, before it was too late?

PS - story goes along with Different Eyes : Erich

DIFFERENT EYES : ERICH - Erich had everything a guy would ever dreamt of - money, good looks, hot girlfriend, two best friends among everything else. But after suffering from a mysterious migraine that plagued him, he lost everything, including his eyesight. His loving foster parents had brought Erich to countless of eye specialists and famous doctors but to no avail. They were baffled by Erich's condition as they couldn't detect anything wrong with him or his eyes. After that strange migraine, Erich had been hearing voices in his mind, buzzing around trying to drive him over the edge. Sometimes, Erich could sense what was going to happen before it really happened, while some other times, things would fall mysteriously when Erich was feeling some major negative emotions. With his foster parents not being able to help him, Erich slowly slipped into insanity. Until one day, three strangers arrived at their doorstep, claiming to be able to help Erich. His foster parents had agreed eagerly, not even listening to the terms and conditions. The strangers had brought Erich away, bringing him to a huge old castle containing dark secrets, his true heritage, his very destiny and bringing him into a world full of creatures that no normal human would be able to accept or understand.

PS - story goes along with Different Eyes : Jezebel

PROJECT SUPERNATURAL - You guys really should go and read this story! For those who don't know what this story's about, then I'm going to explain to you guys. Basically this story is written by 6 authors (Dalik Taltoka; Darklight Shadow :D ; Tasha West; S. S. Dailey; Celedeen Tachibana and O.K.H.). Anyway, here comes the summary : Earth is under the control of an unbelievably powerful creature, or the one. The one is so powerful that when he/she/it took over the world, there was no resistance at all. Now after ten centuries, a band of rebels had escaped from the one's mind control and are coming together to overthrow this vicious tyrant. With the Dark Knights and the one's other minions hot on their trails, the chance of freeing the whole world is very slim. So, you guys like it? I hope you do! Anyway, after Dalik has done the seventh chapter, then I'd do the eighth and Tasha the ninth and so on. Please read and review because this story is awesome! Most reviewers of this story are the authors themselves, so please read and tell us what you think! Oh yeah, if you guys want to read this fantastic piece of story, then go to my Favorite Stories list. It's in that list:P


NATURE'S FURY / THE BOOK OF NATURE - the sequel of Water, where everything would change dramatically as Sienna had left the normal world behind and along with Jake, they had ventured into another realm. A realm where all those dangerous mythological creatures dwelled, and practicing magick in broad daylight was permitted. There Sienna met all types of people, including other Elemental Mages as strong as her, and some even more powerful. With all those mythological creatures on the loose, the kingdom is not as safe as it used to be, and something seemed to want to drench the kingdom in shadows and darkness.

PS - I know this story is more of the supernatural/fantasy type, but I swear the story SHOULD be as good as Water (I hope...)!! I haven't decided which name I like better. Maybe you guys could choose for me?? Personally, I prefer the first one!

DIFFERENT EYES : CONCLUSION - Jezebel and Erich had finally met. And both sides are at war. The same old good versus evil, with Erich in the first side, and Jez in the latter. Something evil - and magickally powerful - seemed to be brewing up a lot of plans to kill Jezebel as well. The Lost One had shown Erich that he must be with Jez and with their combined soul and their own powers, only then they had the hope of pushing back the growing Chaos.

PS - I know it sounds pretty shitty, but I hope you guys are going to read it when it comes out!! (pretty please...) bats eyelashes

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