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Ok people dont think anyone anyone's going to read this so it lets me to ramble as much as i want!


OMG I FINALLY watched the third Pirates Movie!!!!!!! I couldnt before cause of exams but OMG ORLANDOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Shite he's hot!!!!!! How could I not notice before????????

8th July

OMG i watched the new Pirates of the Carribean Movie today and it was definetely AMAZING! lol seriously it was like BETTER than the first one! Captain Jack Sparrow was as great as ever! lol AND it was just... the BESTEST!! Though the ending was the meanest most horibblest thing they could have done -sobs- And stupid Keira Knightley had to go and pash Johnny Depp, i mean what is up with that girl? First Darcy, then Orlando (I don't reallycare about him but i know some others of you do)and now Sparrow? What are us other poor females supposed to do??? She is one lucky girl

She's is actually pretty cool i mean the 'kiss'/ 'pash' with Jack only happened becauseKeira begged the Directors for it. I mean Johnny Depp only sees Keira as a daughter rather than anything else anyways so i guess it's ok then.


"Why is the rum always gone?"- Captain Jack Sparrow

"Elizabeth?" Turns around to another pirate, "Quick hide the rum"- Captain Jack Sparrow

"Load the rum!" Silence... "Go on load it!"- Will Turner (Orlando)

"I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt!" starts dancing then... falls over- Captain Jack Sparrow

"Captain Jack Sparrow!"- Elizabeth and Will

"So then we're looking for the key?"- random pirate

"No now YOU'RE just being confusing!"- Captain Jack Sparrow

i do actually have a story up on fanfiction for those who want to read it... it's called Someday, Someday in Ella Enchanted under the same pen name but now that i read back to it i'm just like OMG i cant believe i wrote that- like i was sooooo immature.


OMG I watched The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movie! FINALLY… YAY! It was kind of stuffed because we missed the first ten minutes and we were really sad about that but we just HAD to watch it. We waited too long. I cant really say how the movie was as I was talking the entire time. It was really sad though when Bridget cries about her mum, Carmen screams at her dad (I felt so sorry for her) and when Bailey dies. My friend beside me was full crying and I was like OK… but yeah I tried to make myself cry and just as soon as I managed to get tears in my eyes my other friends goes ‘she’s so pretty’ and I laughed. Well one thing that really got to me was they changed Lena’s story line. I mean how cute was her story and then they just had to get rid of her. And Effie, they left out Effie. OMG! Brian is a techy! Sorry it’s really weird cause I think a month ago my friend told me and I couldn’t stop laughing. Sydney Technical High is our brother school and full of the geekiest, ugliest nerd guys in the world though some of the sluts in our school don’t seem to mind.

I luv The Sisterhood but I read the first one last year and I read the second and third this year and they’re really good. My favourite character is Bridget. Esp. the third book. It is beyond cool. I luv Bee and Eric the best cause Bee's got a really outgoing sort of loud personality and Eric is just soooooooo sweet 2 her in the 3rd book. Why don’t guys like him live in the real world? I feel sorry for my friends because 2day all I’ve been doing is screaming about Sisterhood and I wouldn’t stop talking about them. The thing is they haven’t got around to reading it. The thing with sisterhood is that it seems really gay, like when one of my friends 1st gave it to me I was like ok but then I got bored so I read it and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! So pplz get your lazy arses of and read it cause I know u guys are all bookworms so you'll enjoy it.

If you haven’t read Sisterhood and u don’t want it spoilt 4 u then don’t read this paragraph-

ERIC dumped his girlfriend for Bee. isn’t that so sweet! Win and Carmen story is pretty cool too. its funny with the phone message Win gave 2 Carma. so cute. nd Tinny and Brian! so cute. Lena's story was alright in the third one but I liked Kostos before but Kostos is a hoe so I don’t like him as much now. but I’ve always luved Bee and Eric the best!

Youcan continue reading now peoplez if u want-

yeah nd the person playing Bridget is pretty cool and just what I imagine Bee 2 be like. She’s new and her names Blake Lively she’s a bit too old to play Bridget but still I mean I guess you have to be old to play Bridget’s story. The good thing about Blake Lively is she’s not up herself. Eric (Mike Vogal) from the pic I’ve seen is quite not very good looking actually rub that out I just saw another pic of him just now and he looks good! and Kostos (Michael Raddy) looks cute/gay if u know what I mean. like Seth or Adam Brody looks cute/geeky/nerdy but then Seth’s adorable so... Lena (girl from Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel), Tibby (she's so pretty like I though Tibby would just b average but she's really pretty, Amber Tamblyn she was in The Ring 1), Carmen (I didn’t think Carma was chubby but it did say in the book she was so, America Ferrerra, she’s a great actor though) and Bee ( Blake Lively) well she's really cool.

Well enough of Sisterhood I also love Tamora Pierce books. My favourite is The Song of the Lioness Series. Alanna rocks! I luv her attitude and I kinda based some of the characters of my story from SOTL. Her other stories are alright but… I love Alanna the most. I hate Circle of Magic though… shivers.

The Seventwaters Trilogy is also good. (my friend kind of forced me to read it!) but I think it’s just too mature for me. it’s an adult book and unlike some people coughmaggiecough I cant enjoy it as much so technically it’s not an obsession but…

Then there’s Ella Enchanted I love that book. It’s so good, Gail Carson Levine is a very talented writer. The movie was stupid but I liked the way Ella and Char got together. Except for the fact that it was pretty fast but up till the horse scene I really liked it. Anne Hathaway looked soo pretty. She is pretty but in Princess Diaries she didn’t look as pretty. I love her hair.

And Last but Certainly NOT least I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Like the rest of the world. No but I’m not one of those oh I luv HP just because everyone else does. I love James Potter he is to die for! (Also another fictional character on my list, sighs, why cant these guys really exist?i mean they do but most of them are dead and...) well I got some stuff of the books by myself as I’ve been re- reading again and guess what I’ve found? More clues! Well not exactly more like clues we should have figured a while ago. I don’t really know if this stuff is already on Muggle net or something so yeah I really did figure this out myself.

In Chamber of Secrets page 173 at the bottom-

‘I wish I knew why someone did try and chuck it,’ said Harry. ‘I wouldn’t mind knowing how Riddle got an award for special services to Hogwarts, either.

‘Could’ve been anything,’ said Ron. ‘Maybe he got 30 or saved a teacher from the giant squid. Maybe he murdered Myrtle, that would’ve done everyone a favour…’

Do you guys get that? You know Tom Riddle did kill Myrtle…

Also in Prisoner of Azkaban on page311 Harry tells Dumbledore about Trelawney going all weird and making the prediction during his Divination exam and he asks Dumbledore if it was a real prediction then:

‘Dumbledore was mildly impressed.

‘Do you know, Harry, I think she might have been,’ he said thoughtfully. ‘Who’d have thought it? That brings the total of her real predictions to two. I should offer her a pay rise…’

Well do you get that? ‘That brings the total of her real predictions to two.’

Well I got others like in OotP on the prophecy that Harry looked at it had Dumbledore and Trelawney’s initials. Yeah and there’s heaps more but I cant be bothered typing them out. Also I’ve noticed how Harry keeps having nightmares with Neville in them. Like one time he dreamt that Neville had to play Quiditch instead of Harry cause Harry slept in. Does this mean something (besides the fact the Neville was the other possible boy in the prophecy)? Also i know this is stupid but could Harry possibly have a sibling?

Yeah and I was also thinking couldn’t the Half Blood Price be Hagrid or Lupin? well i totally got that wrong it was Snape can u believe it? well ithink there is some vital reason for Snape to stay alive cause like Snape made that promise then hehad that fight with Dumbledorethat Hagrid 'overheard' and Snape was like i dont want to do it anymore andDumbledore was like u have to. and then Dumbledore petrificus totalused (is that a word?) Harry cause Dumbledore prob knew he was gonna die, so that Harry couldnt save Dumbledore. also DUmbledore kind of just gave up, like he got rid of his wand then he knew it was all a trap but he went to back to Hogwarts as quickly as he could anyway. plus at the end of teh book when Harry's chasing Snape Harry goes YOU BLOODy COWARD (or something like that) and then snape's like DONT U DARE CALL ME A COWARD! and plus Snape didnt let that dude crucio Harry and he woudlnt let him be killed and i cant be bothered typing anymore cause i know no one actually reads this so...

its sad though cause after that there’s only 1 one more book then… no more Harry Potter. tearful and plus they arent even gonna go back to Hogwarts (that was the last quiditch match) What are wegoing to do?

Alex Rider- yeah dudes me totally in love with the fourteen year old! Although technically i think he's meant to be fifteen now so i do not qualify as a pedophile. but yeah wow! me so in love! lol oh and apparently they're making the movie and it'll be cool so long as they get a hot guy to play Alex- i mean he is meant to be hot so...

Agatha Christie- dude i never knew murder mysteries could be so good!

HOUSE- I love Hugh Laurie and Chaseeeeee Jessie Spencer is so damn hot and Cameron, she's so pretty and Cuddy and Jameesssssss and everyone and House is so loveable. it is so damn annoying thoguh because they keep on showing re runs of House and it's liek so annoying and stuff...i mean argh... ok im tired so i'll write later.

Pride and Prejudice- Mr Darcy -sighs- drools-insert goofy smile-(I think that says it all. lol)

Persuasion- the cutest! lol esspecially the part where Frederick gives Anne 'the Letter'

Jane Austen- look above

Pirates of the Carribean- Captain Jack Sparrow -sighs- -drools-gives goofy smile- (I think that sums it up. lol!)

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