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Hey guys i really wanna get back into writing so watch this space and please check out my new story and please review! thanks x

Hey, i'm Katie, I'm 22!!i finished my a-levels 3 C's in English lit, psychology and health and social care, i now work at a solicitors full time

I've always LOVED to write but the work I have on here are the stories i've actually finished or am going to. Feel free to read them if you like the sound of them.

I recommend any of the stories on my fav stories list there are some really good ones! most of them are supernatural or romance lol : D

vampires at war - this is my 1st real full story that i actually spent some time on and finished. it is based on a dream i had. and it was actually my lil sis who named the character Deacon and Rachel is named after her. she is my biggest fan n i love her to bits : D (COMPLETED) This is in desperate need of a re-write and I so want to! it's just I don't seem to have the time!

lizzie rose - sequel to vampires at war this story is now finished! i loved writing this story and im told that its good... but u'll have to read it urself to see if u like it or not! in this one u find more out about Lizzie herself and she meets new enemies. all of the old characters are in it including some new ones - some are friends while some aren't. you also see Deacon's and Riley's point of views on events that happen in the story. (COMPLETED) This is in desperate need of a re-write and I so want to! it's just I don't seem to have the time!

Queen Of Vampires - my latest addition. this is the sequel and i think the final, to Vampires at War, and Lizzie Rose, i'm still unsure of the title, so its likely to change. Lizzie and Deacon are back, and currently living in London, where they're chasing the lycans, who have some kind of plan in motion. Lizzie is determined to stop whatever it is they have planned and mainly thats down to Rudi and his family. on the way, Lizzie entitles a few problems with her relationship with Deacon, and she also gets better in terms of power. but the question everyone is asking is will she turn Deacon, or anyone else for that matter? what will happen if she does? and what will happen when the lycans lead them back to Lizzie's hometown, and to both their best friends?

Death - this is my latest story attempt, which just came to me one day, but now i've started it i'm really getting into some gd ideas, it's about Keira and her ability to see Death...

This is now complete! (no thoughts for a sequel yet sorry)

Blood Donor - this is about a girl called Miranda, who is living quite hard... she has no money, lives in a dump, is constantly working, and is constantly skint... but after a hard childhood she's living her dream of being independent and on her way to becoming a doctor.

Drake, the vampire, lives life to the full, he has money, friends and even a flash new car. On the other hand Drake has his own family problems, things he has been trying to runaway from and avoid, but he can't stay away from the inevitable forever.

what happens when these two opposites cross paths? they say that opposites attract... but surely these two can't? read more to find out what happens! hehe : D

Shapeshifter - i'm not entirely sure whether i like this or not... and i don't know where i'm going with it yet... so i'd really appreciate some comments on it... basically it's about Delio and the fact he's a shapeshifter able to turn into anyone he wants... including his twin sister!

upcoming ideas:

Blue Topaz - i dunno wen ill get round to writing this, i think i've already got enough on the go... but im getting some really gd ideas and i wanna get them down. neways it's about a species called Kitra's.

Kitra's are a dying breed, there a pack species and depend on the bonds in their groups to strengthen their abilities. there are now only five packs left, the rest are outsiders, and are willing to do anything to stop becoming an outsider themselves. each Kitra are born with unique gifts and none re ever the same.

the birthstone pack are the most powerful of the five remaining Kitra packs, what happens when they meet 'Topaz?' and more importantly how will they react when, stuck in their traditional ways, they have to change?

ALL REVIEWS ARE WELCOME AND APPRECIATED! i'm always happy to see wot ppl think!

You Know You Live In 2010 When...

1.) you accidentally enter your password on a microwave

2.) you haven't played solitare with real cards in years

3.) you know that the REAL reason you're not staying in touch with old friends is because they don't have a screen name

4.) you'd rather look all over the house for the remote control instead of just pushing the button on the T.V.

6.) your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job

7.) as you read this list, you just keep nodding and smiling

8.) and as you read on, you think about sending it to your friends

9.) and...you were too busy reading to notice there wasn't a number five

10). you actually scrolled up to see that there was a number five

11.) and you are now laughing at your stupidity

If you totally fell for this, put this in your profile!

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