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IMPORTANT...well maybe not...but if you click on my homepage and go to myspace you will see a profile of Alex. It also has pictures of most of the main characters, give or take a few. You have to add her to your friends list if you want to see it. Thank you...

Another Important note. You are sure to notice that I am starting yet another story. A Modern Daphne. Has nothing to do with my other work. Yes I will still update From Body to Sucker. It's number one. A Modern Daphne wont be updated as often until I'm done with F.B.T.S. So again, if you are reading A. M. D. then be patient. I always finish what I set out to do. Thank you. Now continue on to the rest of the profile.

Hello I am The LobsterDevil.

And you have stumbled upon me you lucky person you. Okay maybe not so lucky if you don’t enjoy my work, but hey you’ll just leave and that will be it. I decided to go more in-depth with my profile, since I am a sucker for peer pressure and “everyone’s doing it.”

So here we go…..

I’m an art student and my life gets a little hectic at times, so forgive me if the updates don’t come out as quick as you would like. Most the time I am managing up to five different major projects and writing is a hobby, art my life. So show some patience please. Now don’t go taking that statement, as that I don’t care about improving my writing. I do. And I am a hopeless overachiever and would like to grow better in any type of craft so Reviews are golden tickets to me.

A little bit more about me...

Well I'm female if that makes any diffrance, sometimes I feel as if I'm the oldest person on fictionpress. Hint, hint, I'm not in my teens. Yes, I'm a relic compared to the normal age group that write on this site. Sigh. I like writing supernatural fiction, but I have several ideas for other works. I don't write poetry, since I can't get past roses are red and violets are yellow...or something like that. I'm a nice person generally, as long as your nice to me. Flame me, and expect a very long response. I'm open to constructive critisim if it's pliable, and well thought out. It's a waste of yours and mines time for you to bother going through the process of leaving a reveiw that simply says "It sucked.." Really? Then tell me why.

If you have a story that you want me to read, e-mail me. I will read anyone's story that asks and I'll leave a reveiw. Now, that being said here is a small warning...I will tell you exactly what I think of it. That mean's the good and the bad. I won't flame, but voice what I thought would make it better. I expect the same courtasy out of my readers.

I like rabbits, dogs, motorcycles, books, music (all types), and artwork. I'm not a health nut and in ever story I write I base at least one character off of myself. To me it's like doing a directors "cameo" appearance. So try and find me. Guess if you like. Even my best friend hasn't gotten it.

As to some aspects of my writing….

I write for adults: Meaning if you’re some little barely teenaged kid who gets offended by adult situations such as, sex, violence, cursing, and many other heavy topics. Don’t read me. In fact get as far as you can away from me. The sex scenes I write I personally don’t think are graphic, and are only included if they are important to the story. I don’t and never will write erotica. So don’t ask me for it. (Some one did a couple times and so I decided to put this here to warn others after that confrontation).

You should also bear in mind that the world is not a nice place. Fairy Princes do not wisk damsels away to live happily ever after in real life, and they wont in my stories. Some topics I introduce are pretty heavy, and not for the non open minded. I would say that sixteen is the best reading age for my stories, especially with A Modern Daphne.

In fact A Modern Daphne gets it's own warning...

This is a story based off of Mythology, mainly the Greek. In Greek mythology, sisters and brothers often married and had children. Yes I'm talking of incest folks. I don't have that in my book per-se, but it is mentioned that the demi-gods are all related to each other in some form or another. And they are only getting married to other demi-gods. Following what i'm saying? Yes it's cousins on cousins ladies and germs, but nothing to graphic or strange. Just something I want to warn you about.

Another thing you probably need to know is as follows…

I am a deeply religious person. Killing is bad and people who do so should go to jail for a long, long time. One of my stories that is up right now is rather violent and tends to glorify killing. Don’t use my writing as an excuse to do bad things. This is just to cover my ass, so bare with me.

Furthermore, I try not blaspheming any religion or race of people. I view all my fiction as a “what if?” situation and not as fact. Example: Alex my main character is not a nice person. (Read the story and you will find that out.) Her actions and opinions in no way reflect my own. She at times makes fun of God, and Satan. If you are uber sensitive about your religion and don’t wish to try and think out of its little box. DO NOT READ MY STORIES!!! Again these are what if situations and not to be taken as me stating them as fact. This is FICTIONpress.com, not .

Better Summaries since you only get so much space…

Current work:

From Heart Bleeder to Body FIN. Alex has lost what it means to be human. Viewing her own self as one of the “monsters” in a world full of them. She loses her freedom to the evil Jack at a young age, and plots to free herself. Join her epic journey as she battles against him, herself, and the rest of the world in the hopes finding her place in a world of monsters.

From Body to Sucker: Alex is now Jack's right hand woman. A position that she wouldn't find herself in if she wasn't Hell bent on revenge. But revenge is now becoming complicated and so is Alex's role in the world of the Immortals. She finds herself trapped in a cunning web of lies and battles to find her true destiny...and save her soul.

A Modern Daphne: Matt was living a normal boring life. His bachelors degree collecting dust somwhere. He was waiting for the perfect story, something to jump start his journalist career. Then came Kane. A rough-and-tumble girl who inists that he is her nephew, and wants him to write about her people. Her people being the forgotten children of the Gods. And Kane says that she's the only daughter of Ares the war god himself. Making Matt his great grand son.

The Piper :The world has forgotten how to see or at least hear the mythical and the wonderous. The Piper refuses to give into a world that doesn't believe in him. He then finds the answers to where he belongs in the dancing of a sad little girl. One shot...

OKAY!!! Product endorsement time! I insist that you all try The Journal, by D.Howard She is onmy fav. authors list, and if vampires are your thing, READ HER!!! She's my favorite supernatural author on this site. GO NOW!!! Or Jack will bite you...(not a very good threat, but hey shrug)
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