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I'm very sorry that you've come around to find things in such as state. Since I've located my work copied onto other sites without my permission, I'm removing pretty much everything from If you're one of the readers/reviewers of Four Fold Goddess, rest easy. You'll still be able to get your fix. It just won't be on I'm putting up a private link on my own web site. Drop me a line and I'll set you up with an account
You can reach me

Now...about me...I'm a computer/network geek by trade. I'm also an avid gamer.
Nothing makes a bad day at the office better than coming home and taking it out on some NPC's. Now if I could just figure out how to get some of my customer's and co-worker's heads pasted on the little beasties, it would be just about the ultimate in stress relief. Now, I've been told that's a bit twisted, but if you worked with some of the in-duh-viduals I work with, you'd probably agree with me. I'm certain that several of you work with some real winners, too. I'm also an adreneline junky since childhood. It all started with a rather fiesty Shetland pony stallion when I was still in diapers. It still hasn't ended. Along the way it's included barrel racing, trick riding, titanium grind inserts, nitromethane, and HelOx. What's next, I have no idea.

I've had almost everything you can imagine as a pet. Several snakes including a few poisonous ones, spiders the size of dinner plates, an alligator (until my mom made me turn it loose), mice, rats, budgies, parakeets, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, a green parrot, a chincilla, gerbils, geko, a couple of chameleons, a pig, a wolf, and innumerable cats and dogs. I love animals - always have. I've never had a problem with an animal that proper training couldn't fix. I've even spent some time training dogs - guard dogs and seeing eye dogs mostly. I've also spent some time training horses. Think 2000 lb dog - you get the idea. We're hoping to buy some land, move to the country and I can have some critters again.

There are only two things that freak me out. Neither of them's very rational - cockroaches and airplanes. I hate roaches and I hate to fly. The roaches I can't really explain. They just really freak me out and I would hang by my toes from the ceiling to get away from one. The really wierd part about this is that I will pick up a scorpion or tarantual and pet it. They don't bother me at all. Roaches will send me screaming from the room like a 12 year old school girl. I can't explain it - I told you it wasn't rational. The airplane thing I can kinda understand. I was about 4, living on a military base, and we witnessed
a mid-air collision. We watched it rain screaming people. Given that, I can understand why airplanes sorta freak me out.

Other than that, I seem to be missing the "fear gene" that most people get. You know, that little thing that tells you stuff like "Anything that goes that fast can't be safe." or "Snakes can be poisonous". My parents had quite a time with me as a child, thanks to that. Most small children are afraid of falling. I would jump off almost anything. I was never afraid to wander off by myself. When I was five or six, a friend of my dad's brought us a litter of wolf pups. He had picked them up on the Alaskan Highway. The mother had been hit and died. None of the pups was old enough to be weaned yet so I got stuck with the task of round the clock feeding. Even with constant care, they were just too young. Their eyes weren't even open yet. Only two of them lived and my cousins took one though I desperately wanted to keep them both. That's how I acquired Smoke. He was my constant companion all through my childhood. The only places he didn't go with me were school and church. The two of us would wander off exploring. A few times we got so far away from home that we didn't know where we were. We had to find someone and have them call my parents to come get us.

I'd pick up anything and play with it before bringing it home to show my parents my latest pet. My "pets" included a baby sidewinder, a fully grown water moccasin, a baby diamond back, various scorpions, spiders and anything else that I might encounter in the rural area around our home. Looking back at this from adulthood, it's wonder that my parents survived my childhood, much less me. I feel absolutely certain that I've stopped one or both of their hearts at least once. There's nothing like your kid pulling a baby sidewinder out of their backback, holding it out for you to look at, and asking (in all seriousness), if they can keep the funny sideways snake. It's bound to be a "code blue" moment for any parent. It was a fairly frequent occurence for my parents, which is probably why both of them have white hair now.

A lot of my preferred activies are "extreme" according to my orthapedists (yes, plural) and they keep telling me that I need to slow down. I have some, but not as much as they'd like. I'm still usually good for one serious injury a year. I keep telling them that there'll be time enough for that when I'm in the box. Besides, you know that their wives need another mink, which my surgery ought to just cover ;)

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