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Through out this prolix profile, the writer has no intention on setting bald facts. At a certain point, things may get particularly, a bore. Thus, before proceeding to read any further, she strictly and bigotedly advices to whom who read this so called profile to turn back promptly and scatter off. As to them who did not oblige, they might as well brace themselves for a non-salvation and joyride that had ever written in history.

The writer, given named Arty (not her real name) has this strange habit to takes things dramatically and ridiculously out of proportion. But then again, she is strange and is well known for her eccentric behaviour among her family and friends. So it should really come as no surprise to anyone.

The younger and the quirky offspring of two artistic blood lines, a multimedia design lecturer and a high school art teacher to be exact, once enjoyed the pre-eminent status or in another words the ‘special’ attention receives as the youngling in the family. It soon to be plunges dramatically at the sudden absurd upstage of not one but two poignant siblings that towered the lime light by their sneaky and flawless talent of ‘”ampu-bodek” (mama’s pet). Now, the writer spends her time alone at home, quietly moping and longing for the splendour days in the past.

Nonetheless, in secrecy, she enjoys the ignorance once in a while, taking a great liking in spending the sweet time alone with her precious possessions of all time; a small spiral notebook, a pen, a thick Oxford dictionary and last but not least, a radio that blast some oldies songs.

The writer, currently attending Assunta High School (PJ) in the third form, had just dispelled the load off her shoulder after a very unnerving yet challenging mental breakdown involving the second biggest exam in high school life, PMR which stands for Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah. Despite being ostensibly cured, the gnawing summer breaks that currently under going may trigger some nerve spasm.

Do not bring any educational material in abundance nor mention the word ‘PMR’, ‘exam’ or ‘results’ around her. It may results to pain and some black eye.

Having a heap of luck beside her, she surprisingly did quite well in school and maintains steady grades. For the infamous student like her, she likes to draw and did magnificently in Art and not so bad in sports. Being a geek who did well in school and a big teacher’s pet, she fit herself perfectly in the gamut of the suburban teens, form the wild and crazy to conventional and the athletics to the academically inclined. Although her small, thin like a stick appearance and the heavy framed glasses hovering her face made her look a vulnerable victim for bullying, her connection with some teachers especially her Art Teacher, who ironically happens to be her mother, guarantees her protection. Nevertheless, her weird attitude and her thin figure could slip through any difficult situation easily. Her days are filled with laughter. Specifically, laughing at her.

In her free time, Arty enjoys writing, with some sketching in between. Her interests mostly lie on out-in-the-nature activities such as jungle hiking and mountain hike. Occasionally, she will spend her free time cycling around her neighbourhood along with a sketchbook, a pencil and a camera. In line with her eccentricities, she collects a variety of leaves and rare types of acorn. Her reading interests are in psychology, fantasy, magic, mysticism, and humour. Tony DiTerlizzi and Mohamed Nor Khalid remains her favourite cartoonist. She is also a devoted fan of Tamora Pierce who had written the novel ‘Circle Opens’. She also loves candies very much.

As yet, Arty has no fixed plans for the future besides trying to pass the exam that had undergone in October. Knowing that the results are coming out late in December, this gnawing news triggers her craziness and anticipation. Once again, never mention the word ‘results’, ‘exam’ or ‘PMR’.

Being the nature lover, sketch freak and a book geek, her choice of a dream job seems to be countless. Nevertheless, if her plans might no flow the way she had planned, she settled to be a lecturer or a cartoonist, only because it seems like the perfect job for the lazy.

So these dot the end of Arty’s profile. She hopes the readers had a good nap during the presentation and bids you farewell.

NOW GET LOST! Kidding you guys.

Hey! Come back here!

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