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you'll dig me like a grave.

Wow. It's MC.

She is 15 and hates it.
Don't underestimate me based upon my age.
Apparently, I look 21 and act 19 at least.
I don't know if that's good or bad.
But I like it.

This is how we like to do it in the murder scene.

I enjoy twisted religion stories. I am God. Just kidding. I'm kind of a Christian, but I'm not very holy. I have some interesting, pretty original views of... everything about religion.
Mama, we all go to hell.
See you there.

&& Will you pray for me?
Make a saint of me?
&& Will you wait for me?
Make a saint of me?
Cause I'll give you all the nails you need,
Cover me in gasoline,
Wipe away those tears of blood again.

This little Black Paradier is seriously sick of only being able to attract guys and gals that are over 19.

Being jailbait is fucking horrible.

Really it is.
Is it my fault that all the guys and girls of passable maturity seem to be 16 or older?
Does this make me a grave robber?
Fucking hell no.
It makes me a girl with standards.

Tragic with a capital T.

I was born on April 13. My birthday is sometimes on Friday the 13th. How cool is that? I really enjoy that, except for the fact that when it IS Friday the 13th, good bands decide to play shows and I can't go to all of them, in fact I usually end up not going to any of them.

I was killing before killing was cool.

I live in Fresno, California. Yeahh pity me.
Actually, I live in this little shithole of a place called Easton. We all call it "Padded Walls-ville" because we all go insane from boredom. That's why I'm on the computer as much as I am.
We're 50 miles away from everything. The mall, the movies, Starbucks for god's sake.
I know kids who have gotten into cutting themselves they're so bored.
I think the #1 cause of crime among teens in the United States simply must be boredom.
I mean, that and recreational drug use.

OxyContin genocide.

I am a Sophomore in High School. Why yes, I am rather proud of that! I mean. I didn't drop out Freshman year. That's got to count for something. HA HA HA. I go to a year-round independent study school.

Cause we are all a bunch of liars; tell me baby, who do you wanna be?

I wish I could lie to you all and say I'm beautiful... but that would just be pathetic of me.

My eyes are brown. Possibly the most boring color ever. That's why most of my heroines have brown eyes, because it's what's BEHIND the eyes, shining in them, snapping and sparking and SAYING that matters.

My hair is black, but it shines this chocolate-brown color that is just annoying as fuck because that's my real hair color. It sucks.

I'm a girl. Duh.I mean... if you couldn't tell already... yes nevermind.

I'm bisexual. With conviction. I've been out of the closet almost a year now, and it's been the best year of my life. I've finally, truly been myself, and that's all you really need in life to be happy: knowing who you really are inside, coming to terms with that person, and loving them.

I am half Sicilian, 1/4 Native American, French, British, Dutch, German... no Irish, though. And all of my foot is Jewish, like 1/8. Weird. So I've got both Jewish and German, which confuses most people. I just tell them it makes me predisposed to committing suicide. Then I laugh. I freak people out.

We salute you in your grave.

Umm... my weaknesses are redheads, tragic boys in black eyeliner, goth rock with heavy violin use, jumpy pop-punk rock you can get hyper to, sad sweet romance mini-stories, midnight skys, graffiti, cutters, poets, Brooklyn accents, outrageous, lightly dangerous exteriors paired with tortured, vulnerable souls, emo rocker boys kissing, and... well... English accents when paired with deep voices. I'm a sucker for boys in makeup, and put on a tie and I will freaking JUMP you.

I know it's horribly stereotypical of me... but I love handcuffs.

My favorite colors are: Blood Red, Burgundy, Poison Green, Midnight Blue, Ocean Blue, Royal Purple, Black, and Silver. Black and red mostly, and I will always pick silver over any other third color.

I love my hair. I'm a fucking Femo. (Fat emo). Also a bit punk. Gothcore I think is the term. Hehehe I make up names for styles. Like when one of my friends was all gothed out for school but she only had her pink backpack/jacket, I told her that if anyone gave her shit to tell them that she was 'prepcore'. Oddly enough, I was the only one that thought that was funny.

I fear only 4 things: Needles, gangbangers, dancing, and the fall of My Chemical Romance.

I love planes. I love clouds. I adore thunderstorms! I love rain and nasty weather in general.

I'd like to be murdered in a school shooting. That makes me sound like a psycho, huh? Well I am... but ha.

I want to go to France, because they have Phantom, Morocco because my father was born there, or Japan because they have Anime and Sushi.

I have belonephobia, fear of needles. Gerard Way and I are alike in that respect, even though technically he has trypanophobia, fear of injections. I don't even have my ears pierced I'm so afraid. I could never get a tattoo. I draw on myself constantly though.

I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I owe Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, and Frank Iero my life. Well, Matt Pelissier too, but I have a small grudge against him for being dumb enough to leave my other boys.

Could you sign this photograph, cause I'm your biggest fan.

I want to marry my boyfriend, or Ray Toro. And maybe, if they'd let me, I'll also marry Amy Lee.

I am in love with the authoress Luci-chan's Lunchbox of Doom. She is a fucking genius.

Cause we all wanna party when the funeral ends
& We all get together when we bury our friends

I'm a vampire addict, biting fetish present and accounted for, and beware of angering me. I chomp on folks for fun. =

My muse is a fucking bitch. He rations out my talent, and it's like either I save it up and do a new story or I use it on a oneshot. I think he's a fag. A constantly PMS-ing fag. A constantly PMS-ing fag that never lets me write anything but stupid emo songs.

Come on angel, don't you cry.


"Pitiful creature of darkness/What kind of life have you known?/God give me courage to show you/You are not alone!"- From Phantom of The Opera. Love it too much to tell.

"It must just hurt some people to think."- My friend Alan Maravilla.

"TO the LOVE I left my conscience pressed between the pages of the bible in the drawer, 'What did it ever do for me?' I say. It never calls me when I'm down, LOVE NEVER WANTED ME BUT I TOOK IT ANYWAY put your ear to the speaker and choose love or sympathy but never both. Love never wanted me" - Fall Out Boy, XO

"You joke me something awful just like kisses on the necks of 'just friends'. And we're the kids who feel like dead ends. And I want to be known for my hits not just my misses, I took a shot and didn't even come close to trust and love and hope. And the poets are just kids who didn't make it and never had it at all.And the record won't stop skipping, and the lies just won't stop slipping, and besides my reputation's on the line. We can fake it for the airwaves, force the smiles, baby, half-dead from comparing myself to everyone else around me. Please put the doctor on the phone cause I'm not making any sense, blame everyone but me for this mess and my back has been breaking from this heavy heart. We've never seemed so far. I'm hopelessly hopeful; You're just hopeless enough and we never had it at all. And the record won't stop skipping, and the lies just won't stop slipping, and besides my reputation's on the line. We can fake it for the airwaves, force the smiles, baby, half-dead from comparing myself to everyone else around me!"- Fall Out Boy, Summer Song.

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.

"But this time, I mean it, I'll let you know just how much you mean to me. As snow falls on the desert sky until the end of everything. I'm trying, I'm trying, to tell you just how much you mean. As days fade, and nights grow, and we go cold, until the end. Until this pool of blood, until this. I mean this." -My Chemical Romance, Demolition Lovers. The first time I read the lyrics to this song, I cried.

"We could be perfect one last night and die like star-crossed lovers when we fight, and we can settle this affair. If you would shed your yellow, take my hand and then we'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity. This riddle of revenge, please understand it has to be this way and stand up fucking tall don't let them see you back & take my fucking hand and never be afraid again." -My Chemical Romance, Our Lady Of Sorrows. So beautiful I could die.

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

"Wait until it fades to black, ride into the sunset, would I lie to you? Draw your sixguns from your back! Throttle the ignition, would I die for you? Well here's your answer in spades! Shotgun sinners, wild-eyed jokers, got you in my sights! Gun it while I'm holding on. After all is said and done, climb out from the pine box well I'm asking you. But she's got nothing to say. The angels just cut out her tongue! Call her Black Mariah, would I lie to you? That girl's not right in the brain! Mass convulsions strike the choir, by the grace of gaahhhddd! Gun it while I'm holding on. "-My Chemical Romance, Hang 'Em High. So... fucking awesome bounciness.

"Bright lights that won't kill me now, or tell me how, just you and I your starless eyes remain. Hip hip hooray for me, you talk to me, but would you kill me in my sleep? Lay still like the dead. From the razor to the rosary, we could lose ourselves and paint these walls in pitchfork red. I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take, I'm coming back from the dead. When I take you, hold me, I'm taking back the life you stole."-My Chemical Romance, It's Not A Fashion Statement It's A Fucking Deathwish. I just love this song.

The Black Parade.

"Give me a shot to remember, and you can take all the pain away from me. A kiss and I will surrender, the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead. A light to burn all the empires, so bright the sun is ashamed to rise and be. In love with all of these vampires, so you can leave like the sane abandoned me." - My Chemical Romance, The Sharpest Lives. Awesomeness spiffy song. Has the word 'vampires' in it. _

"Now turn away, cause I'm awful just to see, and all my hair's abandoned all my body. Oh, my agony. Know that I will never marry. Baby I'm just soggy from the chemo, been counting down the days to go. It just ain't livin', and I just hope you know that if you say goodbye today I'll ask you to be true, cause the hardest part of this is leaving you."- My Chemical Romance, Cancer. The most sad song to ever be recorded. The first time most people hear it, they cry.


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