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Uh... uh, wow. Just, really, wow. That was a longer break than I meant to take; I got so swamped with classwork and afterschool clubs. Utterly distracted. Then again, I am easily distractable.

Ah... oh well. I better try picking up my writing schedule here, before summer vacation. At least, I think there's one short story I can finish, seeing as it's one I had to at least half-write for my LA Honors class, and I made so, SO sure to write ALL my ideas for this down, so I don't lose anything. I am spitfire determined to finish at least one story. At LEAST one.

My low standards, let me show you them.

Update Status :

Through the Glass : Now, I truly do want to write this story; it will not leave me alone until I do. I even have the ending planned out, among some other things. However, before I can get to the ending, I must write a beginning. There are several things I need to edit in my already posted chapters (and thanks to the reviewer that pointed out my horrendous error; MPD and schizophrenia are different), and I need to review where exactly I'm going to go with this story. Also, I'm in the process of a series of drabbles, which I always write when I feel like my writing's not going anywhere. They get written often. This is the long way to tell you don't expect any real updates for a while.

And, if you didn't know, I'm stopping TtG for editing. Which I won't get around to for a long time, as there's another story I'd rather work on. Yes, I have a hard time completing things. Be assured, I will complete both stories, unless the idea turns into a dead end. ...Watch, twenty years from now, I'll finally finish one of them.

Always Time For Muffins : Everyone, meet the story that killed any will whatsoever to work on Through the Glass. It hasn't completely introduced the plot yet, but it's dropping hints. Hints strong enough to hold your interest, hopefully. I look forward to writing this.

Next chapter update progress : 15 percent as of 03.08.07 -- ...Well. I just keep missing my deadline, don't I? Next update ~ undetermined

Random Thoughts : I feel like I taste delicious today. I am Wild Woman of the 40's, hear me wail. Eating beef jerky is like having an orgy in my mouth -- it's chewy, salty, and it lasts longer if I suck on it rather than chew. I really wish Reba didn't create that quote. Drama people are weird. I am a drama people. Appealing only because it's just that unappealing. Praying for love in a lap dance, and paying in naivety. In the musical Singin' in the Rain, R.F. Simpson's character could add delicious before any noun and it would be alright. Thank you, ML, for that observance... you are truly a delicious surprise.

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