On starlight wings
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hey, someone actually looked at this? Huh, and I haven't even posted a story yet. (ah, just kidding! i just did! whoot-whoot...wait...now people are going to acutally read my work...NOOOOOOO!!!)

Well, you went to the effort to look here (but heavan only knows why) so I guess I could say somethingto make it worthwhile...

Lets see...I'm 17, a junior, and a girl (just in case ya didn't know) I really like swimming and cross-country (or nordic, or up-hill skiing, any of those names work) I love my video games and think that techno (or trance) is AWSOME!

I'v got an incretible memory for usless facts and crud but I forget my coat, lunch, purse, homework, book...ect. quite often. I know how pretty much how anything in nature works but can't remember what a preposition is. I've got a weird memory..it's got a mind of it's own.

I can't spell for the life of my and I'm pretty sure I've got a touch of dislexia. (hmm, is that spelled right?) So, many apoligies to my endless mistakes on reviews or anything else.

Well, I don't think there is anything else thats interesting so i'll leave it there.

There! Was it worth the effort of looking here? Did you get you money's worth?

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