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Ok so I have decided to use this page a little beter. I figure I want to brighten up this page so anyways. I am a junior in high school. I am sixteen years old, and am pre med. It isn't as nice as it sounds it is mostly just a lot of work. Because I am going to a special school I have to be up and about by five in the morning to make my way to my school which is an hour and twety minue bus ride. (I am too cheap and lazy to go by car aka traffic and gas prices.) I try to update as often as possible and though I threaten once in a while at least once every story I finish them all. The thing is oce in a while I will be overwhelmed by school or engulfed by writer;s block and will say I am quitting but I suggest you don't take me seriously. Anyways I have two stories that are finished though my second one was rushed and I really don't like it which I think you can tell by the size and lack of reviews and my thrid one is on the way. It seems to be doing fine and I will have the next caper up soon.

a little description...

Wind Beneath my Wings- compelete. this was my first story on this sight and my most successful for some reason. Though I like the tittle and some scenes in my opinion it is not written that well, but I never said I was egotstical. Basically a girl finds a man outside. He is being attacked by another man and is being acused of war crimes. After being shot by an arrow he leaves him to die and does not notice her in her little cottage witnessing the whole scene. She saves him only to find he is an angel. They sleep together, she falls in love but he still leaves wrongly thinking she finds him evil... and the story goes on from there that is just a more detailed summary. Do not be fooled by the word angel this has nothing to do with religeon and the name is really just a mistake by human ignorance. If you are religeouse I doubt this will insult you in an way it is all made up.

Yours if you are mine- Compelete. I really do not liek this one. I really gave it a rushed ending thus it is way too short. I can say one thing... it started out well enough. anywhoo this is a world in which there are two sides one is lush and plentiful and the other dry. the side that is a dessert is cursed because humans destroyed the caves of these creatures, and they have become barbaric canibals. The other side stays as far as possible from those on the dessert side and do not let them even come near them. This story is about Kiran who was raised by the king of the good side but is really from the dessert. It is later found in the story that he is also half creature and is the son of thier king. the creatures are also not what thhey apear to be but you will have to read more to find out about them... He falls in love with a sorceress whi was raised by the creatures and she also is very important to the story... there is more but I can't make this increadibly long and I often have very complicated plots so it would take too long to describe everything.

Shrouded in masks- In Progress. This one is with a very spoiled and sheltered little girl with a hateful mother and a father that often ignores her. one day she is made to spend the day with the son of one of a kitchen worker for her usual companion becomes ill. He is a demon and proclaims his love for her saying a demon recognizes his love instantly and he would never mistake his mate. She find that she also loves him though he has to leave. It turns out he is a prince heir to the demon nation and as good hearted as he apears in the begining of the story he becomes quite twisted and conflicting as an adult thanks to being 'bread' into his position. He is very controlled by his father that seems to be very intelegent and sinister...and uterly mad. When he eventually comes back for her their time together does not last long, and he manages to mess with her quite a bit. This story is more about them trying to be together unlike many of my other stories that have more important motives behind relationships. The girl is in essence pretty selfish to begin with after all thoough there is some growth. Still her prime objective as infuriating as it is is to find her demon price which she is so in love with. Of course since everyone that looks upon her falls under some kind of love spell and things with him being difficult it won't be that simple and they end up disrupting the balance of power in a world that is alread conlicting filled with war and shackey ties... Since this is not done it is uncertain which direction it will go.

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