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About reviewing... leave a constructive criticism after reading my stories. If you want to compliment that's fine, just leave some advice as well. It doesn't even have to be a long review... just say what you like, what you didn't like, and what you think needs improvement.

Written work:

Being Stranded Has Its Perks (Deleted) - Not entirely. I still have the chapters saved on the computer and on a flash drive. I removed it because after reading it recently, I cringed after the end of each chapter which is a clear indication that the story needs some major revising. It will be back up later, but I cannot guarantee how soon. (Waits for the hate mail to flood her inbox.)

Happily Unsuccessful (In progress) - Trying something new with writing. You may not notice it or know what I'm even talking about, but the approach to writing is different. And I don't mean the point of view. It will be a light-hearted story, not necessarily fluffy, and therewill be no life-threatening conflict.

Summary-- Everyone has experienced failure. Sarah Thompson is no different. However, her failure to become a lawyer has left her empty handed, completely broke with no help whatsoever from her parents. While in the subway, she bumps into trouble with a stranger and lets out all of her frustration out on him. After her interview, she manages to get a job at Velvet Life Designs, an interior design company as an assistant for Janice, a middle-aged, but young hearted interior designer. Little did Sarah know that the stranger from the subway happens to be a well known architect and also part of her and Janice's assignment on a million dollar home. Awkward feelings creep up, but Sarah is determined not to let that get in the way with her job.

Original Ficathon challenge: This one does have a deadline, so I MUST complete it soon. This challenge is very exciting... I was experiencing writer's block for the past few weeks and taking this challenge has sparked the creative flow.. Here's my challenge:

Challenge #14:
Genre: Romance/Fantasy or Supernatural/with a slight hint of tragedy
Rating: anything above T
Likes: A proper, mature writing style (basically no abbreviations like ‘u’ or ‘newhere’, no substituting numbers for words; ‘l8ly’ etc.), strong, unique characterization, lots of innuendo (both subtle and no), humor, a dragon or two, strange and different fantasy creatures, a happy or semi-happy ending
Dislikes: Mary Sues, Gary Stus, too much angst, slash of any sort, predictable/stereotypical villains or sidekicks or any other minor character, killing off of other minor characters just because they’re in the way and it’s just the easiest way to get ride of them.
Words/phrases to use: “…the butterflies are attacking!” “Are you sure it’s dead? Maybe if you poke it with a stick…” “Why are we running?” “Paraphernalia” “ferment(ing)” (choose 3)

Title in progress - ... I'll try to keep this one shorter than the other stories... if not, then I have to work hard to complete it on time. I don't have to complete the story (just the 3000 word count and expectations of the challenge), but it would be nice to see something finished on my list.

Summary-- I'll keep this one as a surprise. Maybe when I complete it I'll write a summary.

Taming a Killer (Brand new and in progress) - Based on a collaborative writing (a fancy name for roleplay) with a fellow writer.

Summary-- An arrogant, well experienced assassin is forced to train a new recruit with no experience whatsoever.

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A Sweet Inducement by Clavel reviews
When Stella walked into Zephyr to ask for a job as a chef, she never thought she would walk out with not only the job but a fake boyfriend too! NO LONGER ANSWERING REVIEWS FOR THIS STORY AS I JUST GET PISSED OFF NO ONE READS THE AUTHOR NOTES!
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Taming a Killer reviews
She's a newcomer who's a bit catty. He's an experienced assassin who's a bit arrogant. Forced to pair with the feisty feline, he must discipline the killer in training... but little did he know that he's the one who's being tamed.
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Beauty, loved and embraced, can be harmful when one approaches blindly.
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Happily Unsuccessful reviews
Sarah Thompson's life has not gone the way she had hoped to go and her parents aren't making it any easier. After losing her temper at a man in the subway station, Sarah meets him again at work. Discomfort grows, especially when he's her new boss.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 20,559 - Reviews: 85 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 9/19/2006 - Published: 7/24/2006