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I write Final Fantasy and Vagrant Story. Occasionally I'll dabble in other interesting things for awhile.

And before anyone asks... yes, it's almost all slash/yaoi/shounen-ai/yuri. And yes... I'll write the pairings and kinks no one else will touch. I'm an evil cat, just ask anybody. ^o_o^same sex pairings. If you see those words in a description of a fic, and you don't like that sort of thing, then DON'T READ IT!

On the other hand, if you do read that sort of thing, here's a few things you might enjoy:

Non-Squick Slash Fic - The few, the brave, the completely unsquickable!

More Than Blood: An L x S shrine - shamelessly promoting my favorite couple from FF8 - Laguna and Squall.