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Hello everyone!! I'm Louel and I'm a student at the University of California, Berkeley!! Go Bears!! I had an account here before, but
it's been so long that I kinda forgot my password... In any case, all I
had up were depressing poems anyway and... well... I'm not all that
depressed anymore... I'm movin' on... or trying to, anyway. So I figured... new life, new
account. Lol. Hopefully I'll actually update more often. Not that it
matters. I doubt I'll get any readers... My friends were my only
readers in my old account and the fact that they read it kinda...
restricted what I could write... You see... I've been a
closet-case for a long time. Nobody really knew. If they did, they
didn't call me out on it... I've only just recently began to meet
people I can trust with this secret and feel comfortable talking about
it with... and I guess I'm now electronically capable of coming out of
the closet too... so... yeah... with this new account that none
of my friends know about, hopefully I can write to my heart's content
(though I'm really bad at it. Chemical engineering is my major, not
writing... though I might have to change soon. Chem is kicking my butt
hardcore...)... and nobody will know. And if they happen to
stumble on to this and know it's me 'cause of my penname and screen
name then... surprise!! Lol. : sigh : Okay, maybe I am a little
depressed, but still... Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff ^.^

And if not, well, I think I take constructive criticism pretty well, so just... write whatever. I put my work up here knowing that they're visible to the public. I'm not gonna complain if someone takes their time to respond...

(But, I'm no robot either... I guess... try to be a little nice... pretty please... :-P )

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This is a pretty good summary of my experience with love right now... Only other Cal students will fully know what I'm talking about, but... oh well... Love's universal, so it'll probably still make some sense... R&R
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I'm gay and in love with my best friend... He doesn't know is how much it hurts when you're always there for someone and you see (and even help plan) all the things they do for those they love... and realize they would never do any of it for you...
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