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(Formerly known as Artemis1860)

Name: Ahna

Age: 20

Birthday: June 22, 1986

Marital Status: Married

Well, I'll give you the short version, the long one is on my
website. I'm adopted, my birthmom was 14 when she got pregnant,
and I recently found out that she actually didn't know the guy at all,
she snuck out of her bedroom window with a friend to go see him.
I went through some shit in my life, it's true though some don't
believe it. When I was around 13 or so I found out that my
birthmom was originally going to have an abortion. Somewhere
around 14 I decided life wasn't worth living. My motto became
'Life is a disease. Death is the cure.' Within a year I had
decided to end my life, though I hadn't decided how. I gave
up. I have my friends to thank for pulling me out of that.
A pair of twins I know as Sam and Dan heard, i think from me, about my
depression. They proved to me that someone cared, I cried.
One day as I was curled up on the ground, balling my eyes out in my
room, screaming that I didn't understand, that I wanted to die (my
parents weren't home to hear it or to care) I finally realized how bad
I had become. I cried out to God. I begged him for
help. I told him my life was his, that I had *ed it up too
much to hold onto it any longer, that it was slipping through my
fingers. I felt his strong arms wrap around me, as I cried, not
violently as before, but quietly cried on his shoulder, as he comforted
me. My life changed. Unfortunately, struggle never ends
when Satan seems to have it out for you. Things between me and my
parents were bad, I recently came to understand why, a little thing
called emotional abuse. My parents controlled me my entire life,
never letting go, and i never disobeyed them out of fear of
disappointing them. It was strange, and probably sounds bogus to
anyone taking the time to read this bio. But it's true. I
also had a long mental struggle with homosexuality that ended only just
least year, four months or so before I started dating the man who I am
now engaged to. Man. Even I'm surprised I actually wrote
this all down.

I'm not going to write something titled
'religion'. that'll just give you the wrong impression. Ya,
I'm a Christian. It colors just about everything I do. But
you'll find I have some different beliefs than the traditional. I
have a different view on cussing, I personally use it freely if I'm
around people who don't care, I just don't take God's name in
vain. I don't hate, I don't judge, after all, considering who I
am, I have no right to judge anyone. Anyway, I'll stop before I
cross the line into pushing my beliefs on you. you want to talk
to me about them? IM me.

Things I do in the boring
moments: Writing (obviously), watch movies, listen to music
(Metal is the best!), talk to my roommate, my fiance, read stories, and
work on various forums and rps all over the net.

Note: I'm sorry for those of you reading Keen to Cry, I probably won't finish it. The concept idea isn't dead, but the current edition of it is. I had too many cliches in too many chapters and got tired of them. I'll be reworking the idea completely.

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