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Hi there!

My name's Anna. I live in England, and I like figure skating, Sunday mornings, and the London Underground. I'm an optimist, I get addicted to things really easily, I want nothing more than to be a princess and I've recently started attempting to expand my literary horizons, although the Gossip Girl series and all its spin-offs still rank way up there in my list of favourite books.

I like creating characters and I like clichés, as long as they're well-written. I have too many stories started to even count; I only post on here what I think I have a chance in hell of finishing. That said, here they are:

The Inside Edge: This is my latest project, and I'd really love to know what you guys think of it.

Keys to the Kingdom: Another new project that I'm really excited about, so again, let me know what you think!

Unrequited: OFFICIALLY COMPLETED!This is pretty much my baby and contains some of my favourite characters I've ever created, so definitely feel free to check this one out. UPDATE: I just found out that Paige was nominated in the 'Best Supporting Character' category of this round of SKoW awards, which is insanely exciting!

California Dreaming: This is the very first story I've ever actually completed, which is more or less the only reason it's still posted here. It desperately needs a rewrite, but I'm kind of sentimentally attached to it.

Gaby Doesn't Know: Technically, this is a spin-off of California Dreaming, but you really don't need to have read CD in order to get it. I'm rather fond of Eli and Gaby (and, in fact, they were something of the inspiration for Charlie and Paige in Unrequited.)

I also have a couple of other stories in progress that I'm thinking about putting up here, so keep a look out for them if you like what you see and remember to review! I love reading what my readers have to say and I love replying to them, too, so if you have any questions, go ahead and ask!

I think that's all for now!


Unrequited Character Pictures

Charlie Smith

Liam Bettany

(Liam is supposed to have blue eyes, but otherwise I think James Franco - in this picture at least - sums him up perfectly)

Paige Riley

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Unrequited reviews
It’s tough being a gay guy when the only person you’re in love with is straight and the only person in love with you is a girl. SKoW Nominee.
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