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My name is Liz.

I am twenty-three.

...I am an old, old woman. I cannot believe it is almost 2009. I feel like I blinked through the past 10 years.

I am studying nursing.

I used to be a tomboy.

My favorite cookies are peanut butter cookies.

I cannot stand bags with name brands on them. (Chanel, no!)

I love romance novels.

I am frequently in lust with about twenty boys a day, and I do mean that number.

I am notoriously shy around boys who are cute.

But I have also been known to fuck up conversations with Uh-goes.

I guess it depends if I have been drinking.

My best friend is a thirty-year-old male who likes irreverence much more than I do.

I have not updated any of my stories on here for a long, long time. If you would like to give me a kick in the ass to get me moving, you can reach me here:

I like writing poetry.

I like blueberry pie.

Not to eat, but to look at.

I think it is pretty.

I have a twin sister.

She is a nun.

She also lives in Constant Fear for my Immortal Soul because we argue a lot.

I like going out more than staying in.

But I like being alone more than being with people.

All people are fuckheads.

It is you who counts. If you want the man, I say, take him!

I wish we were not all so hung up on sex. (sigh)

It is a natural need.

Teach your kids early and maybe the world will be a less constricting place for them.

I do not believe in miracles.

Not unless or not until dragons from fairy-land come swooping down with magical restorative crystals in their talons.

...Or some other suitably ridiculous equivalent.

I believe in accidents; situations are circumstantial.

I believe that Whitney will get it together someday and take back the Diva Crown.

As for fashion, I own about twenty-six thousand pairs of boots.

And they are well-loved, because I wear them all.

Though obviously not simultaneously; that would be uncomfortable and look awkward.

I have reddish blondish brownish hair that I wish was natural, but my Scottish genes seemed to have died out. It does, however, go down to my waist and sways poetically in the breeze like a flame of fire...

I want to marry a red-headed man so cool hair will be reintroduced into the bloodline.

I have to be clinical about this because a red crotch on a male is pretty disgusting.

Barring George Weasley, I will settle for Orlando Bloom, because even though he is not a fictional character (nor does he have red hair) let us be honest and say "he might as well be."

To finish up, I used to think that I would not mind it if some fabulously-hot guy took me home one night, made sweet love to me, said he would love me forever, and then asked if we could get married and make a baby together. I have since realized that life is not like romance novels, no it isn't. What is romantic in books does not quite add up in real life.

When I say "add up," I mean some guys are crazy. Stay Away From Them.

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