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··¤(פ Autumn's Windfall ¤×´)¤··

- - --Updates-- - -

February 29, 2008

Well, I deleted all stories I was pretty sure I'd never update again. I've added a new one, which I swear will be completed, whether or not it is updated on this site. Changed my penname as well. That's about it.

--Autumn's Windfall

September 16, 2007

With the return of school comes Aredhel. Jah. I'm back. Please know that I don't die, I hibernate. And school can be a drag. I hate meh over achieverness sometimes. Note: I'm not much of an overachiever, I just take extra sciences instead of electives. I'll probably build a rocket ship before I graduate. XP

So...new story. I'll muster up some finger strength to type the summary, but for now, the prologue is all you get. :P

Thanks for everyone who remembers me. You each get a cookie! Mwaha!


- - --These are a few of my favorite things-- - -

Movies: Sound of Music ;; Mr. Woodcock ;; I Am Sam (everyone should watch this movie, calling people retards is not cool, especially when you see the struggles they have to go through. I know, my baby bro's autistic) ;; Napoleon Dynamite ;; Little Miss Sunshine ;; Accepted ;; +More Soon+

Books: Twilight ;; New Moon ;; Eclipse ;; Maximum Ride Series ;; Cry, The Beloved Country ;; The 5 People You Meet In Heaven ;; +More Soon+

Television Shows: Avatar: The Last Airbender (WOOOOP! Season 3 Sept. 21~) ;; Spongebob (6 yr. old brother, what can you do?) ;; Naruto ;; Kyle XY ;; 24 ;; Desperate Housewives ;; Grey's Anatomy ;; +More Soon+

Animals: Tigers ;; Hawks ;; Owls ;; Dolphins ;; Orcas ;; Turtles ;; Elephants ;; Dogs (Tatum ish meh absolute favorite. She's a cute beagle mix) ;; Bears ;; Much too many to put

Food: Tangerines ;; Granny Smith Apples ;; White Grapes (why are they called white? They're green!) ;; Meat Pies ;; Jolof Rice ;; Shrimp ;; Salmon

Artists/Bands/Songs: The Hush Sound ;; Jonas Brothers ;; GazettE ;; Avril Lavigne ;; I Write Sins Not Tragedies ;; India.Arie ;; Diamonds Are Forever ;; Roses

- - --Things About Me-- - -

Nigerian - 100 percent on both sides

Libra - October 10th

Orange - favorite color, it's so...odd and bright

Dreaming - and writing, drawing, listening to my ipod, watching Avatar, science, calling my baby bro stuff in Yoruba, traveling

Some unusual things about me...

Seven names - my first name, middle, middle, middle, middle, middle, and last name my whole name is 49 letters long

Young for my grade - by like, 11 months

Have been out of USA - five times. Summer trip to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Greece was sooo much fun! Plus, four weeks away from meh bros and the 'rents! Fun. I WENT TO VOLTERRA! Don't mind me, I just love Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse. Greece is gorgeous. Salty olives.

- - --Quotes-- - -

"One day we won't be judged, there will be no such thing as crying. Joy and love will be the only emotions people show. Peace and family will be the dearest things to us, material possessions will be of no use." - Me

"If I had anything wise to say, I'd say it. Second day of the new year and already I'm acting like I did last May..." - Me

"Whoa man! The colors...the colors...- Me

"Being sorry is one thing. But being so sorry that it hurts, that it pains your vary soul... That is what being sorry is, somehow Man has forgotten that." - Alrire: Book One - Quest of the Hirwe ((not posted))

"...no...Liam is an undead zombie superrooster. As seen on the famous 'Meep' Candy Bar!" - Me

"I’m not a doer, or a maker. You see, I am a spectator. I like to watch others, and I don’t always have to make contact. Of course love is not something you can just watch, you have to feel it. Experience it, that, is the only thing I wish I knew how to share. Of all the feelings that are bottled up inside of me, I wish I could share my love."- Alrire: Book Two - Rage Beneth the Sun ((unwritten))

"Perhaps she was trapped inside the pages of a marvelous author’s work, bound in the parchment by ink and fabulous words…" - Me

“Ami…Ami…Ami…JESU!” - All the Parents ((After a prayer))

- - --Stories + Poems + Muses-- - -

Current Stories:

Coming soon.

Everything written here is in loving memory of my Grandmother Mary

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