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Author has written 7 stories for Manga, Supernatural, and Love.

Name: CLOR

Gender: Female.

Age: 22

Stories - status:
Strands (Manga/Fantasy) - hiatus
Blood Pearl (Supernatural/Horror) - hiatus
To Know Love (Manga: Yaoi) - complete, oneshot
The Ghost of a Kiss (Angst/Supernatural) - complete, oneshot
The Promise of Destiny (Supernatural) - hiatus
The Venom (Supernatural) - in progress

A Love Exposed (short, humorous, reflective).

About The Author:

I love writing. I lead a bit of a hectic life because I have about 101 commitments, but it's my own fault and I can't help devoting myself to the things I love. Writing being one of them. Sadly, I sometimes feel I never have enough time on my hands - but it just makes me more determined. Sometimes, if I haven't sat down and had a good writing session in too long, I can feel it in my bones, nagging away at me, and it won't go away till I sit myself down and just let the words flow. Or maybe it's OCD, who cares? As long as I'm happy.

I write a lot of stories, but many will never be published. I worry my sporadic brain can't cope with it all! I just have so many plots and characters in my head, I run round in circles trying to write them all down and do them justice. Recently, I've discovered newer focus and feel like my penmanship has become sharper. I've started reading several series of books by various different authors of different genres and it's brought forth tidal waves of new material in my head. Can't wait to see what one I choose to post!

As for reviews - what one of us doesn't post on here for some kind of recognition? Of course, I want my work to be read and welcome all readers to leave their thoughts on my work behind. I appreciate knowing how my stories are received, and I'll become a better writer for it.

Important-esque Update Information to Let You Know if I'm Still Here and What I've Been Doing:

17/07/2011 - The Venom - I've decided to revise and complete this. It's different to a lot of my other stuff and I really love the character and want to get it all written down once and for all, instead of just being stuck in my head. I will revise the chapters already posted here, perhaps add the 3rd, but anything else will be posted to my blog, which I will put a link in here for later.

General Things You Need to Know: Like many writers, I have The Fear (that someone will steal my work). Thus, I will not post any full stories on here, but will instead post a maximum of 3 chapters. You will need to visit my blog to read any more (and hopefully I'll be able to get something published for reals, then you could even go BUY it... shockses!). I still plan to use my account here to post snippets and little bits and pieces, but my blog (more info to come) will be the best place to find my work hereon in. Thanks guys!

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