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Hey Everyone!
I posted this on to fictionpress to simply ask for your help on something;the smallest assistance from you could help so much. For a while now I hae benn addicted to MyCoke an online chatting service where you can crete a home and a person and walk around and just talk to people. From this the company has recently launched a site called MyCoke Rewards where users of MyCoke can use codes from the caps of 20 oz bottles and redeem them for prizes in the chatting service and real life. The background information on this site if you want to get technical is this. MyCokeRewards is a program that rewards you for something you already do drink Coca-Cola brand products. By collecting codes and going online to enter them, you can accrue valuable points that can be redeemed for a wide variety of rewards, from downloadable ring tones to amazing sports and entertainment experiences. So Out of all this information what i am asking of you is if i could please have your codes of your coke products (located on the bottom of the cap) to earn things like new furniture on MyCoke Chatting service. It would be greatly appreciated and if you want you can basically just send me the codes through AIM,e-mail, or on here anythign is fine. So please just put it under consideration and it would be greatly appreciated if you did this for me. I mena how oten do I ask you guys for things?

Thanks Everyone!!!

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