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Author has written 3 stories for Friendship, and Life.

I'm Shining Innocence, or SI for short. (pronounced like "sigh")

I have 2 writing siblings, Radiant Innocence and Glittering Innocence.

I love writing stories and poems, and it'd be great if you dropped me a review!

Flames should be sent in e-mails.

RI sometimes coauthors my stories, but not often.

Even though RI thinks I'm crazy, I'm not.

I also like deep and emotional things, and like to write stories and poems.

My stories do tend to be a teeny bit insane, but hardly more than a drop.

Token reviews are not recommended. Flames will be sent right back. CC- giving people deserve medals.

Long, meaningful, and flattering reviews will be honored in my profile.

Upcoming stories:

The Dragon Child

The dragons rule the land of Pwatalanka and yet, the emperor of them all-- Atlantis-- owns nothing of value to him. His family was slaughtered by demons and his best friend was driven crazy by specters. None of his gold and silver mattered to him and all he wanted was someone to share his kingdom with.Then, one bright and sunny day, Atlantis was out hunting when he found a tiny, blue,baby dragon who looked to be starving to death and did not have a family. Atlantis took her in and gave her a home. He knew this cute dragon child would be no replacement for his family, but she would come close. What he didn't know was that taking the dragon in would put him in mortal danger, for this child was the daughter of the dragon-demon prince, Axeltor.

The Loners

Alana never fit in. Her only friend was her caretaker, "Auntie Linda".Nobody liked Serian the dragon, not even his own parents. He had no friends at all. Griffin always stood out. It seemed like he could do nothing right at all. Yet... when these three loners meet, they immediately become friends... Now, why is that? Because they are all loners... and they all have a hidden destiny that even the greatest sorcerers in the whole land of Fantalia don't know about.

I know... I'm crazy about dragons...

List of Writers to Check Out (those in bold are special)

1. Radiant Innocence (HOW DARE YOU NOT PUT ME AND GI IN BOLD!!!!!)

2. Glittering Innocence (RI, thats what you get for not putting me in bold! HA!!!!!)

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My first song... Please review, and no flames please!
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I think this is one of the best poems I've ever written...
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