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As the shadow flickers in the candle light
so do I constantly change in the dead of night
the burning in my heart
can make my shadows dart
they twist around me like a dress
twisting butterflies of distress
but none do see
the flame in me
and none hear
my silent tear
they see only my shadow

I'll update when I can, And I promise, that that isn't often.


junk about me:

my name is Rebecca.

I was born on the 2nd of july 1989, you can work out my age by that, because I'm to lazy to say almost 17 and change it later :p.

I'm a very busy person, and my hobbies seem to demarned all and more of the time(and money) that I have. This means that when I have a chance to write I take it, and then I'm back to being busy and forget what I've written or I'm busy painting or taking photos, or jumping of cliffs... not to meantion that there or way to many blackouts where I live, and I do like my computer in working order, so I don't risk typing to often and my mom doesn't like me "straining my eyes" in candle light.

I always intend to finish what I've started and one day I will.

I actually research the names of my charaters. I like quizzes ( or )

According to quizzes.

1.) my muse :

Do you have a taste for sad songs and tragedies? If so, your muse may be Melpomene, patron goddess of tragedy. Melpomene is often represented by a tragic mask and is sometimes depicted with a crown of cypress leaves and a club. Despite her tragic side, Melpomene means "The Songstress" because her chanting and singing inspires listeners. You are likely to be a firm believer in finding beauty everywhere, even in the darkness of tragedies. The next time you find yourself growing too maudlin, perhaps you could call upon Melpomene to help you find music in your sorrow.

2.) romantic personality... :p

Greta ... (um I lost her name :P)

This husky-voiced Swedish screen siren was famous for her catchphrase "I want to be alone." We're guessing you can identify. You entice suitors with your aloofness and independence, but it's not long before you get sick of having another person in your personal space. Your friends probably find your love life a mystery, which is just the way you like it.

3.) If I was a Star I'd be:

preformance artist

While you sometimes sniff that other people don't "get" you, deep down you probably like it that way. Great genius is often misunderstood and as a performance artist your job is to amaze and inspire, not cater to the lowest common denominator. Fire breathing, hurling oatmeal at a canvas, singing a song without any actual words--you'll do whatever it takes to get your dramatic message across. So will Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, Annie Sprinkle and The Blue Man Group--they're all performance artists, too.

Lest your friends think there's no method to your madness, square your shoulders and tell them that performance art is judged on four basic elements: time, space, the performer's physical presence and the relationship between the performer and the audience. Then go back to back to building Lego sculptures while dressed as a jellyfish. We wouldn't have you any other way

4.) Dosha:

Ayurvedic principles hold that Vatas are creative, abstract, restless and talkative. They question everything, sometimes to the point of over-analysis. They also learn things quickly, but may not always remember what they have learned afterwards. They tend to take on lots of tasks at once and as a result sometimes have bursts of anxiety or nervous energy. Vatas may find it hard to ground themselves, and can end up feeling spacey, light-headed and fuzzy. Vatas can also be very free with cash and may find it hard to save money. They tend to avoid confrontation.

Healthy Vatas are sparkling, creative personalities. They often become inventors, scientists, artists, poets, novelists and mathematicians.

Taking care of your mind and body:

According to Ayurveda, Vatas tend to have a light build and are often either very tall or very short. Their high metabolism makes it hard for Vatas to gain weight, so they tend to be on the leaner side of things. Vatas sleep lightly and may have trouble getting a good night's rest. Their appetites are usually irregular and they are very sensitive to noise. Typical Vata faces are angular. Vata skin is usually dry and cool, and Vatas tend to favor warm climates and warm, spicy foods.

Ayurvedic principles suggest that Vatas need to establish a routine so they're not all over the place all the time. They tend to be impulsive. Vatas do best when they sleep and eat meals on a regular schedule.

Ayurveda also suggests that Vatas need to take an active attitude towards relaxation. Taking time to relax--listening to music, meditating, or just sitting and reading--is important. Baths are a good idea (choose bath scents and perfumes that smell calming and warm), as are walks and herbal tea. It is best for Vatas to not rush things. Sweet, salty and sour foods are comforting to Vatas.

5.) If I was(I mean I am) a mad scientist:

Do strange theories about alternate dimensions, time relativity, atomic fission and the origins of the universe get your molecules moving? Since the majority of your work is theoretical, you may not produce many working inventions. But what does that matter as long as your discoveries deepen our understanding of the cosmos?

YOUR PROJECTS: (no pics soz)
Maybe you'd like to join one of these weird, but real science projects?

1. The Theory of Everything: Physicists are trying to understand how our physical universe works on every level. Their latest ideas include multiple dimensions, invisible membranes of space and vibrating strings that are waaaaay smaller than atoms. No proof yet, though.

2. Soundtrack to A Universe: Over 13 billion years ago, the universe exploded into existence. Scientists have "recorded" the sound waves that moved through the expanding new universe. The noise? A scream, then a roar, then a hiss.

3. A True Teleporter?: Quantum physicists have devised an experiment in which an electron seems to "disappear," then reappear in a different spot.

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