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Hi, I'm Lil' Erro... the original and don't forget that! That's the truth fa' sho!

My first story will be called 'Celestial Guardians,' It is about two teens that go by the name of Ikerah and Celestrial. They find two necklaces in some ruins of a place called Celestrial island. The island was founded by none other than some of the family of Celestrial. Those necklaces however contain the power that would make them the future heroes of the earth. Ikerah is a boy who doesn't reall honestly put enough trust in the girl, Celestrial and doesn't take her seriously because of her personality and the friends whom she chooses to hang out with.

I have to give some credit to Neominitails, the writer of Miracle Knights for the story. He will be writing down MY thoughts.

I hope everyone enjoys it! Please read and review when you get the chance or when he updates it under my name. With that being said, it will not be posted under his name as he has written in his profile, rather he will send you to me to read my story!

(neominitails also wrote this)

On another note, my other story is 'Elemenstrial Gates,' which is about a girl named Nina and some people she mets on the way are having the need to save the world. After recieving a locket from a boy named ken Sun ( He is on Miracle Knights from Neominitails) some strange things happen to her. She finds herself in a drream like trance and appears in a land much different than she is used to... yet, it seems so familar at the same time. She is told that she will ahev to protect the world from a great darkness that could and will do great terrible things in her world if she doesn't stop them. She will unlock many things about herself, her past, and her love. This Nina is the same Nina Akira McKenzie that is mentioned so much so far in Miracle Knights, which you should read. neominitails is on my favorite authors and I think you should read his story. he has french version of the story ,too.

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