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Note to the Plagiarizers out there:

To begin with, I can't believe that there's an insane amount of plagiarizing going on in fictionpress. It's really depressing to think that something like this could happen to a website I've been reading stories from since I was a little kid. And now that I've started to post stories on here myself, I don't know whether I should even bother to continue. Now, I'm not saying I'm the best writer ever, because I know that I'm not. But on the off chance that I stubble upon writing something good, I don't want to have it stolen from me because of some selfish person with no originality whatsoever.

You people, the moochers and thieves of the writing world are ruining it for everybody. Want to write something good? Write every day and read a crapload. That's the only way anyone will improve in their art - through practice. Man up, work out those writing muscles, and stop being creatively moribund.

To the Readers out there:

I know I haven't updated LISM for a while and I'm really getting to it. I'm planning on having the next chapter out sometime next week so bear with me here. I'm taking THREE English Lit classes and the work load is "like whoa". More Gabriel and Attie interaction and all that good stuff. I'm also hoping to make this chapter particularly long because I made you guys wait so I hope that makes up for it at least a little bit. Thanks for reading and drop me a line. I love getting feedback.

For those of you that are reading If I Could Take It All Back, it's sort of going on hiatus for right now because with my work load and LISM, I'm just not gonna have enough time to write it although I really do want to go back to it since I have so much planned out and scenes already written that it would be a waste not continue what I consider one of my favorite projects. Until then though, I'm afraid both you and I will have to wait.

Sorry for an inconveniences my crappy schedule causes people or if my written isn't your cup of tea.

Much love and thanks for reading and reviewing and showing support.

Still outraged by thieving losers but hoping things get better,


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"I think I love you, Hal." He said lackadaisically. I pushed his hands off my shoulders. I couldn't listen to his nonsense and it didn't help that I let him act this way with me. "You need help Gavin. Plus, you're drunk." This was too much for a girl to handle so late at night.
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I had best friend Reece, semi-jackass Liam, sweet Landon, equally sweet Kara, and high on life Max. I’d be with Landon, who I’m not even sure I like. And help Reece get his girl, who he keeps anonymous. Not like best friends ever fall in love or anything.
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Your Definition of Love by gum is yum reviews
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Waiting at the Sidelines by Just Breathing reviews
It's hard falling in love with someone you can't have. Hailey knows that better than most people. With time running out, will he really turn his back on her? ON HOLD
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Just the Way You Are Perfectly Imperfect by dream6-20 reviews
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Web of Lies by Polished Gem reviews
COMPLETE! The group is a popular clique with secrets that would make new girl, Lynne, turn in her grave. They're lying, scheming, and cruel to the core. She's irresistibly drawn to the moody Denny, but is he only playing with her too? (SkoW Award)
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Tempt Me Not by cynically amused reviews
She wasn't the girl who fell for her best friend, she wasn't the bookworm who won the high school 'God,' she also wasn't a perfect angel who attracted the rebel, no she was the idiot who caught the attention of her fiance's older brother. [ New Chapter 2]
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Love In Sheet Music reviews
She was created perfection, a prodigy of classical music. He was a playboy rocker with a past and a Gibson guitar. They weren't supposed to help each other. They weren't supposed to fall in love.
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I didn't want to go back but I didn't have a choice. St. Sebastian owned my first kiss, the first boy I ever liked, and the only place I called home. I guess it's only a matter of time until the past catches up with you.
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Fae was a good girl who wanted to make her parents happy. But when they send her away to Ireland with her grandfather, she's crushed. She never thought being sent away would teach her about love, music, danger, and herself.
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And Even When It Sleeps It’s Still Awake reviews
ONE SHOT - A girl falls in love with the city that never sleeps.
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Lapis Armenus reviews
The rules were simple, they made out, maybe fooled around, and then they left, no good byes, no phone numbers, no contact. She never thought the one nice guy she broke the rules for would be the guy who wouldn't leave her alone.
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Everything was fine till my dad got engaged to some famous woman and completely ruined my perfectly normal life. Life now is jerky stepbrother and crazy servants. I thought I'd be fine but things get a little crazy when you're famous by association. r&r
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