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“Planning to write is not writing. Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you're doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing.”

E.L Doctorow

I write to keep myself sane. I think that if all the ideas and stories running in my head aren't written down and given their own universe to live in I would lose my mind.

My grammar needs work and I'm working really hard at making it better. I have wonderful betas and friends who help me out. If you'd like to beta a story just email me. I prefer if you could do it quickly say less than a week? Really all I ask is for good grammar and that when I send you a chp you email me back saying I'll have by when ever, preferably not more than a week.

Also I have my msn on here and I only have it available here and on thestreetnetwork. If you add me let me know where you are from.

Author Notes




So... I forgot my password! Then the captch was out to get me, then I gave up. I was busy, upset at how difficult it is to log in/post/edit anything on this. However, I'm kind of back. I plan on fixing chp 5 of BF and updating at least 3 chps of it today. I have a favor to ask, Gerald's Dad is Alfred, if I have another name anywhere point it out so I can fix it!!

You can follow me on Twitter aleinadB83 and check out http://


Hehe... it's been awhile... Ummm life? If you want more info though not much more do check my lj. Now I'm going to try and finish the next chp of Best friends today but I have a few questions

So few questions:

Anyone here read any of my fanfics?

if you have read them what would you like continued?

If you'd like me to write a fic, what pairing would you like or about what would you like it?

Please PM to answer.

Have you read any of my fanfics? or any of my originals? If you have of the unfinished stuff what would you like to see updated?


Still Alive. Just been busy with Reflections, once that is done I'll try and concentrate on something here.


Happy New Years!! Hope you all had great holidays. I know it seems as though I haven't been updating but I have. Profe is being reposted and Best Friends is being Edited, I'm just checking punctuation and stuff like that.

I don't know if you guys are interested but here is a picture of the watch Mike gives Gerald for his birthday.


Profe has been erased.


I should get my computer back this week. Let's cross our fingers. Now there is something you readers might not be too happy about, Profe will be brought down. It needs to be re written. I can't continue to write it while knowing it sucks so much. I'll try to re write a chp each week.


I know it's been a while since my last update and that I'm totally of my schedule, but I've been rather busy lately and I unfortunately have to let you know it might be awhile until the next update. You can check my lj for more info, I update there more often than I do here. I am working on Best Friends and if I finish the chp before I take my laptop to get fixed you will get an update on that.


I've given myself a posting/writing schedule. Original fics will be update on Wednesdays.


I had wrist surgery on the 15, I've been in a lo of pain and I spend 5 days in a very heavy dressing. Yesterday I had that removed and now I'm wearing a much smaller and lighter fiberglass cast and I can actually kind of type with both hands, just my shoulder gets really tired really soon. Any way I haven't been writting but I'll try and do that now and hopefully update sometime soon. Also I tend to update my journal more often than I do this so check ther for any updates.


Still looking for a beta, please contact me if you are interested.


I've had this idea for awhile and I'm wondering if others think it would work. Should I make a topic for this?

I dont' know if you've noticed but the C2 "yaoi for all" has so many stories that weeding out the bad ones is almost impossible and almost the same as searching the old way.

I was thinking about doing a top 5 forum.

Now let me try and organize my thoughts so this makes sense. I thought stories could be nominated. Readers/writers could nominate what they believe to be the best storie they read on say the month of June (the story would have to be updated at least once on the month its nominated for or finished on that month) from the stories nominated we would then select the TOP 5.

Selecting the top 5 could be done by voting or just by which story received the most replies.

For example I make a post for "The smallest Elephant" and I get 14 responds saying "OMG I love that story too" the replies could be counted as votes.

I just think it would make finding a good story easier and maybe a bit fun since you get a chance to discuss a story you enjoyed with someone other than the writer. COuld also help the writer get a bit of feedback.

Please let me know what you think.


Important Noticeplease read if following my stories


I've hurt my wrist somehow and typing hurts. Best Friends should have been updated tomorrow, the chp is finished, but reading it over I hate it, so I'd say another week?. I have restart the chp. Profe is also on it's way very very slowly. I've been working on an MCR fic, if you like to check it out just visit my livejournal it's linked as my homepage.


I'm on a forced Hiatus, my laptop is being a bitch and won't turn on. I have to take it to get fixed and hope I haven't lost anything. I had lot of stories that aren't posted written as well as the part of the next chps for Profe and Bestfriends. No clue when I'll have time to run by were I bought it so it can be fixed. Check my livejournal for updates on this.


The story called "Pestilence of lose" is a collection of shorts/extras from all my other stories. When ever I have a scene, a poem a what ever that would go with another story they will be posted there. There are 3 "poems/songs" there now: "Pestilence of loss" by Derek from "Puddle of Memories", There is a poem about Kate from "Puddle of Memories" and "Soul" song written by someone from "Best Friends Means you Pull the Trigger." Check them out if you get a chance.


I'm only waiting on my betas. Chp 9 for best friends will be up as soon as I get it back. 'Profe' is coming along better that I'd hope, lets cross fingers it continues like this. I'm working on chp 35.


All stories except 'Profe' on hiatus, a bit more info on livejournal


"Freaks to you" has been deleted. I'm editing/re-writting it. When I have about 4 chps I am happy with I will re post. If you are interested in Beta reading this story for me please email me. It would really help if you have MSN messenger or the Yahoo mesanger that works with MSN, but it isn't a requierement. I will ask you to beta read one chp and have someone I trust read it over if they agree you have the "job", perks of the Job? I won't update more than one chp a week and you will always read them first and prob be ahead by a week.


Sad Eyes by Bruce Springsteen. This is the song Sean plays for Gerald in Best Friends in chps 11 and 18.

Writing/Posting Schedule

Marsha and Andrea's Character Sheet finally posted. I will work on the others.

I'm working on a MCR Fanfic if you'd like to read it you can check it out here. I'd really love some input on it.

Hiding From Love

More Fan Art from Oki3xDoki3

Gerald and Michael

Yay more fan art!! Thanks to Oki3xDoki3


I am very happy. I got my first fan art and I think it's wonderful. Thank you very much magalina.

Gerald by the Sea

I'm working on character sheets for all my characters in 'Profe' here is the link for the first 2 Uriel and Luciano

Character Sheet

quiz thing for 'Profe'

Are you an Uri or a Lucy?

Drawing for Danny Phantom and Sponge Bob, by my Son XD


quiz thingy for "Freaks to you"


Part one of 'Profe' has been broken down.


Picture of who I picture as Josh from "Puddle of memories"


the homepage link is to my livejournal. I tend to rant about my life their but once in awhile I'll post previes of chps and also will rant about the stories.

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