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Name: Katerina Adriah Cassitran "Katri" or "Kat"

Age: 21

likes: drawing manga, reading writing. Gravitation, Ouran High School Host Club, From Far Away, Fake, Eerie Queerie, Death Note, MagicKnight Rayearth, Sakura Taisen, The Smurfs, InuYasha, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespear, motorcycles, dragracing, funny cars, top fuel dragsters, pro-mods (damn they are loud though!), funny useless information, ACDC, alternative rock, emo/screamo, hard rock, metal heavy metal, DNAngel, RJA, Flyleaf, Psychic Academy, Immortal Rain, PHD Phantasy Degree, snakes and alot more like that

Favorite colors: black crimson pale violet, neon green and electric blue.

dislikes: STUPID PEOPLE, heights, enclosed spaces, spiders, and deep water.

My Tales:

A Dark Knight: A Ninja's tale *Revamp!* Hiakri is a clumsey girl, but her ninja skills reflecther high status. Especially when the girl is angy. Still the young Hime's first assignment is a simple crummy one. or so she thought. Her job was to seduce and assasinate a handsome Demon lord named Kouji. What happens when the last thing she expected to happen complicates things, her past is all a lie and the one she is to kill is the one she loves. And NOW the Shogun's men are after her village! What's a poor ninja hime to do??

Missing REVAMP!* Midori is a shy girl with a dark secret, a mysterious past and hypnotic silver eyes. Once more she has been forced to move to a new country and new high school. Will she be able to get her fangs into the handsome Ayden? Or will this boy discover her secrets and escape her deadly silver gaze that leads only to her fangs sinking into an unsuspecting throat? Is this the love the her grandmother spoke of, the one that could bring back her missing heart?

Black and Violet "As far as I'm concerned there has always been evil in the world, my life is enough proof for me. I can't help but wonder at my own existence, to marvel at the pain that kept me here, the cold grey eyes and the merciless smile that left me here alone to make my way in confusion. The stars glitter over head, but their light is just as icy as the winter air that encircles me and entwines itself through my very being. I fear that the ice may consume me completely someday; perhaps that is why I have decided to write this, a record of my life, my memories. I can only hope that as you read my recollections that you do not judge me harshly for what I am and what I've done. I suppose the beginning is a good place to start so I shall start at the beginning in the middle of my tale. The beginning of a puzzle that would later help make sense of my erratic past and my first beginning. So onward we go, back to a silent winter night in a deserted quarter of distant city."

A Vampire Tale: Blood Red (Book 1) *REVAMP!* Niella was your average magically powered girl until fate, well actually, Raphael turned her into a vampire. Now she must team up with her charismatic sire to save the world for human and magical creatures alike... If can they manage to stop bickering long enough.

Catalyst *Complete Rewrite/Overhaul* A young human girl in a world of spirits and the dead. Her soul is the Catalyst, the Beginning of the end. She will tip the balance into perfection. The child of light and dark. But, what if she doesn't know it? complete summary inside.

Lost Prophecy *Complete Rewrite/Overhaul*Long ago in another world, the heir to the throne was taken. A newborn, half orphaned. A family, part of a secret rebellion, took her and raised her in our dimension. In modern day America, she lives happily with the only people she ever knew as "mom and dad." Little does she know, her eighteenth birthday will bring about a drastic change to a life she had always considered relatively normal. However, when her life turns out to be nothing more than lies, how can she face those she loved so- the very liars who raised her? And who is the real villain? The royals, the rebellion or something entirely different? Serenity is certainly about to find out.

Favorite quotes:

“Your best friend is a dog?” Celeste giggled haughtily. “Bark,” Paul retorted. “You shouldn’t say that,” Celeste scolded Paul. “Bark?” “Well, because your mother was one.”--Magical Ballarina Princess Mars. By Savonarola

She got of balance and fell again. She let out a loud sigh. Her breathing had increased tremendously, her heart racing. She was tired and wanted to stop. “Get up.” She looked up at him. He was covered in sweat just like her, but he didn’t look nearly as tired or hurt as her. She groaned. The door opened. She glanced over there along with Michael. Raphael had entered. “Came to check on you.” He walked over smiling. He looked down at Lexine who was now taking the opportunity to lie down. “This sessions over.” Raphael turned to Michael. “No it’s not. You want me to train her, she stops when I say stop.” “She’s exhausted. You have to let her stop. She’s not as strong as you.” Michael placed his sword against the wall and walked out without another word.--Angel in Training. By Sageshade

"So the great Namanko Shikadaro is protecting this little girl. I must say Itsuka was much prettier." The man laughed and Nashi glared. He then aimed an arrow at the monster's chest and it flew straight in to its chest. The arrow glowed as it hit the monster and exploded. The monster began to scratch its chest and roared. It nearly knocked over the man."Ha! Take that Kiroshimo, you bastard!" yelled Nashi laughing at him. He had a smug look on his face which just served to anger Kiroshimo more. Hana had no ideal what was going on but for some reason knew this was going to become more anime like.--Kokoro Hime. By Guardian Dream

Yea . . . remember back in elementary school, when the teachers always told you never talk back to elders? Well, let’s just say I skipped that lesson. Being the uncontrollable rebel that I was, I always talked back to the adults around me, except for one person: Miyusaki Katherine, wife of Miyusaki Uriha, and my mother--Not So Cinderella. By Nejimo

My own eyes challenged his gaze after he spoke, and I lifted my chin a bit higher, our noses almost touching. The heat in the room, in those confines, was maddening.“You find a lot of things hard to believe, Shimizu,” I replied cuttingly, though my tone was abnormally gentle in that context. I suspected that his looming presence over and around me had softened my attack, and that his voice, whether on purpose or not, had lulled me into a more passive state.Don’t give him any power. He will only hurt you.He chuckled a bit at the comment, and due to the propinquity of our bodies I felt even the smallest of vibrations from his chest as he laughed, the sound waves penetrating my quickly-crumbling defenses. I felt my hand loosen almost entirely on the essays, my formerly inflexible arm relaxing against his.He will only hurt you, Kaho.With mere centimeters between my throbbing heart and his, he finally relaxed his enclosing around me, a smile gracing his peach-colored lips.“Hai, I do—especially with you, Watanabe.”His right hand reached up from the edge that it had been grasping, shifting towards my face in a slow, soft movement. My eyes unconsciously fluttered shut, expecting some kind of extraordinary sensation; at that point, I had given up on reasoning my way out of his hold.You’ll never learn, will you?--Shitsuren. By Calenheniel

Few! Finally, those freaks are out of sight. Now, to just make a bee-line for home and enjoy my ice cr— Whoops:SPLAT:Great, I tripped over a root. Why is it that every time I think of ice cream a piece of tree fouls me up?Um, why is the root moving? Yes, it is defiantly moving and shifting underneath me. Oh crap! Oh crap! What if it’s some cranky woodland creature that I woke up by tripping over and is now going to claw my eyes out? Or worse, what if it’s another frea—“Woman. Get your fat legs off of me. I’m loosing circulation to my feet.”Hm... seems to be a combination of the two.--When it Rains it Pours. By Chixon

“Ow!” Axia let out a startled yelp as a mean thorn pricked her.Crimson blood smeared the rose stem.“Let me see it,” Dylan held her hand gently and examined her wound. A plaster would do the job, he decided.“My… my… flower……” Axia stammered, was withering right before their eyes, shriveling up and donning a lusterless brown.--Another Time, Another Place. By Yoi

Arms wrapped around Nanashi's waist and a smooth voice came from behind her, making her shiver. "Isn't it great that we're going to the same school, Nashi-chan?"Nanashi turned her head to meet dark violet eyes behind grey-rimmed glasses which belonged to a boy. "Yuushi."Ajibana Yuushi. A genius and also very handsome. His voice has been described as sexy, making fangirls go crazy over him. A bit of a flirt and unfortunately, I'm usually at the receiver.--Story of MY Life. By Tsuki No Reikou

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