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Be there one who knows not Love,
Let him hasten from this place,
For that heart is poor in grace
Which fond ardors doth not prove.
- Lorenzo de Medici

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Madonna Falling A young woman tucked away in a small Italian village, settled in her life as the daughter of a jeweler, is discovered by an artist of some merit. She's heard of artists' reputations and expects something entirely different from what she finds - a soft-spoken, devout man, whose promises of protecting her virtue do not sound so empty. But when she finds herself infatuated, she is met with stalwart celibacy, something that his dear friend and fellow painter could care less about. Will Agostino's devotion to God and the Church keep him from staying true to his promise? And will Desideria fall victim to the womanizer who embodies everything her love is not?

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The Most Perfect Ophelia Clitherow is a young woman of nineteen, raised in the flush of London society. Yet unmarried, she has become used to her parents disagreeing over her suitors, finding each man unfit to marry their only daughter. When her mother insists she marry the dashing, if primeval, Lord Ravenshaw, her father is disinclined to agree, offering the idea that they wait until Ophelia finds a fellow that she is fond of. Months creep by, and her brother Nathaniel visits with his wife, who is given to intimidation and gossip. With her sister-in-law pestering her for being so picky, claiming that she has not the beauty nor the brilliance to be such, Ophelia is tempted to acquiesce to her mother by accepting Lord Ravenshaw as her husband. Her father, however, has other plans. These plans manifest in the form of a distant American cousin, Thaddeus Wright. Handsome and possessing a modern view of everything before his grey-eyed gaze, especially women, he is precisely what she had always dreamed of marrying. A jealous Lord Ravenshaw, hearing that a proposal is imminent, takes it upon himself to ruin the young man, ending in a duel, a blood transfusion, and a life-changing illness.

All That is Precious The year was 1894. While tending to her ill grandmother in Paris, Georgine Marot finds herself in the company of Daniel Halévy, a friend of the artist Edgar Degas. He asks her if she would be introduced to the artist, who has recently found a new interest - photography. After some contemplation, she agrees, and she finds herself in front of the aging artist that she had heard so much about. The confirmed bachelor finds a spark in Georgine that he has not seen since his younger years, a simpleness that he thought to have disappeared entirely. Despite his growing adoration of this 'spark,' she is naive to his feelings, instead forming an attachment to a young Englishman, come to Montmartre to pursue a career as a writer. Isaiah Strauss finds Degas detached and apathetic to his offers of friendship, mostly due to his closeness with Georgine. When the Dreyfus affair brought Degas and Daniel Halévy's friendship to a screeching halt, things were brought into the light for the young girl. Should she continue her friendship with the artist, strained though it may be, and listen to his merciless anti-Semetic slander, or should she continue to see Isaiah, a man that she loves desperately? While the question seems easily answered, it proves to not be so.

Lessons at Le Lapin Agile As a Christian missionary in a foreign country, the young Father Jacob Carnam has been put in quite a situation. He speaks very little French and with a horrid English accent. Not only that, but he is stationed in Montmartre, France, after the urging of his fellow ministers. He preaches in English and is ignored continuously. To give up on his mission would be to abandon the Lord, so he keeps on, until he meets Sibylle Arnaud, a demure woman of mysterious ancestry and ambiguous employment. She is a continuous customer of the cafe, floating in and out of it for her meals without so much as a word to anyone else. He asks her to tutor him in French and she accepts, seeing this as both an opportunity to earn more money and a service to God. However, she realizes that with this, she must keep her job at Le Chat Noir a secret. If he was to find out about her dacing and singing at the cabaret, he would seek his knowledge elsewhere. But when the lines between teacher and student, companionship and affection, and good and evil being to blur, will Jacob leave Montmartre and Sybille or give up his profession in hopes of finding a peace and love the church never offered him?

A Casanova's Caress. The society known as the House of Casanova was created in 1801, merely three years after the death of Giacamo Casanova. It was, at its founding, a group of men that strove for what the man of their constant adulation strove for: nights filled with passion, mornings filled with passion, and afternoons filled with passion. By the time Filipe Giordano became the leading member, it had become something very different. The men had begun competing for the attention of the Florentine women. When they were not happily drunk and in the arms of some Venus, they were silently ripping each other to shreds. The main storyline of this story will follow Filipe as he falls in love with Elettra Carducci, has to decide whether to kill the beautiful Marie Bellegrade or not, and fights against the constant conspiring that has him on edge. Also, there will be short stories or sketches posted up every once in a while that tell the exploits of previous or future members of the House.

Little Lamb When you place two exceedingly passionate, vibrant human beings within shouting distance of each other, things are bound to happen. A twenty-six year old Caroline Lamb and Lord George Gordon Byron, two years her junior, fall madly in love with each other after her one attempt at being coy is passed off by him as indifference, fuelling his desire to have her to himself. Her love for her family - her distant but loyal husband, William, and her young, retarded son, Augustus - is quickly under fire as Byron's jealousy rages and her desire to please him becomes an obsession.

Twice Tarnished After the untimely death of her mother, Rebecca Blackwood's "family," consisting only of her and her father, is thrust into debt at the patriarch's hands. He reconciles with Rebecca and they work together to rebuild the family's now tarnished name. Enter Asher Rosenthal, a twenty-eight year old Jewish antiques and art dealer. He works with them to help pay off their debts, selling many of Rebecca's paintings in the process. With each kind word and deed, Rebecca falls a little more in love with him. But, he demands that nothing happen between them, for he knows his lungs and he knows that he does not have much longer to live.

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