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Let's see... There is nothing all too interesting about me... I live in America, the wonderful, rainy, beautiful Pacific Northwest. At school I sit in the hallways and either talk with my friends, read a book, do homework or write. I like to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations, though if you take it up, invest in strong medicine for headaches and bordom. There is rarely anything interesting to be learned.

Religion: Pagan, not Wiccan. I'm a Druid. Many misconceptions about this religion--I cannot summon lightening (as the kid I babysit thought) and cannot summon great demons from the abyss (as he also thought. Oi.). I talk to the trees.

Political Standpoint: I don't like the current administration in America, so I suppose you could call me a libral. Or a Democrat. But I really don't like labels, so I more will just say my opinions and let people draw their own conclusions.

Books I like: Band of Brothers, Parachute Infantry, We Die Alone, The Forgotten Soldier, A Stranger to Myself, Voyage of the Shadowmoon (and subsequent books), the Harry Potter books, The Lord of the Rings, Tamora Peirces' books of Tortall, R.A. Salvatore's books (all of them), and many, many more.

Bands I like: U2, Coldplay, R.E.M. Snow Patrol (just saw 'em--awesome! Two rows from the bassist and the stage!), Muse (Going to go and see them in September--can't wait) Keen, Anberlin, Kaiser Chiefs, Queen , The Beatles (of course) (I also like John Lennon's later work), Tears for Fears, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Nada Surf, My Chemical Romance, Vib Gyor, Weezer, The Decemberists, Band of Horses, The Rifles, The Wombats, Greenday, Mads Langer, Stars of Track and Field... my list goes on and on and on...

Random: In some lights, my eyes (sapphire blue, usually) appear silver. I love to howl at the moon, so sue me. If this bugs you unduely, please don't e-mail me about it--I've already gotten three of those... I sometimes walk home with no shoes on. I play the flute and the bass guitar.

Yeah, so I have forced Werewolf of Seattle out of its dusty box... It did not want to come willingly, but I used ropes, chains, duct tape, and anything else I could find. That includes a few extremely attractive demons, named Xaavir and Brenan. You might not like what I am in the process of doing to Brenan. But, as its been a whole summer or something since I updated it, I figured it was about time. I'll have something for you all sometime in the next two weeks. It helps to actually be in Seattle to write the thing.


All of these are from the simply AWESOME book Dance With the Devil by Sherylin Kenyon:

Zarek laughed.

"What is so funny?" Thanatos asked.

Zarek lay in the snow, freezing and bleeding, but continuing to laugh. "You. Me. Life in general, and the the fact that I'm freezing my ass off as usual."

"You did what? Are you--" Jess yelled.

Zarek cut him off. "Yes, I am insane."

Thanatos arched a brow. "You really are here."

Zarek inclined his head and offered a cold, sinister smirk. "Hair of the dog, baby. Sooner or later, we all get to dance with the devil. Tonight, it's your turn."

Thanatos laughed. You can't kill me with a gun."

"I know, but it's a fun as hell just shooting you."

Thanatos arched a surprised brow. "So, you do have more fight in you."

"Looks like the devil just hiked his ass up to Alaska to see the snow. C'mon, punk, lets dance."

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