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Hi... here's a little about me.

Name: Jessica (the rest... well it's non-disclosable info!)

Age: 17

Hair: umm it's brown-ish with blonde-ish and caramel highlights.

Eyes: Dark Blue

height: 6'1.5" I am not kidding. Yes! I am tall, and proud of it.

Live: U.S.A baby! It's the best place in the world !

From: I am from O.C. California. I am moving back there if it kills me!

My dream: Travel the world with my best friend Sarah Romi (Crazygirl91)

Highschool: Daystar Academy

Best Friends: Sarah, Anna, Angela, Kristina, Josh, Daniel, Jonathan, Patrick(alot of other ppl that will take to long to name)

hobbies: writing, singing(done this all my life, almost my favorite thing to do), running, talking on the phone for hours on end(sarah and Jonathan can verify this), playing with my dogs Sheba and Gracie(they are HUGE), reading, sleeping, school, hanging out with my mom, yes my mom. I don't care if you think it's dorky. I love her.

dislikes: rude ppl, disrespectful ppl, mean ppl, NO MANNERS!, guys who push to be more than friends.

Books I like/liked: Tricksters Choice and Tricksters Queen. By Tamora Pierce,

the phantom tollbooth(when I was 11)

How to Talk to A Liberal(if you must) By Ann Coulter

Do as I say(Not as I do) profiles in liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer

Things ppl I know, have said. =p

Sarah: i need SUGAR! sugar, sugar, sugar!

me: yeah. you really need some more sugar. As if you aren't alredy hyper enough. NO SUGAR! SARAH... Don't make me tackle you!

Me: Dude. I feel weird. There was something wrong with the cranberry juice. The cranberry juice LIED!!!


Me: I'm serious!

( I do NOT drink! I am seriously allergic to cranberry's)

Sarah is a smart one. You will read this and then say "is she blonde?" The answer is Only when she dies it. She is taking on the attributes!! No offense to the blondes. I was a cotton top until last year. I did not dye it. It turned dark. I also act blonde, but you don't know that.

Sarah and I had just spilled a HUGE glass of milk, we thought we were going to get in trouble so I said"Just act Natural!"

Sarah said: "Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" ROFL I kid you not!!!

Sarah: "How long have we known each other?" dumb question...

I said seriously: my mom has known your mom since before we were born. I am a year older than you. so I guess since I was a fetus and you were an egg.

This was so stupid that we both were trying not to fall in the floor laughing (you had to be there, This is gross now that I think about it. )

"NEVERRrrrrrRRRrrr!" that is like our most favorite thing to say! It is so lame, but so funny.

The " If you've ever's"

If you've ever had your heart broken: copy this into your profile

If someone you've called a friend has ever hurt your feelings: copy this into your profile

If a boy/girl has ever made you cry: copy this into your profile

If you've ever dance'd in the rain with your boyfriend:copy this into your profile

If you've ever dance'd in the middel of the street copy: this into your profile

If you've ever been kissed: copy this into you profile

If you have ever kissed somebody that you liked, not knowing that they liked you, and you ended up dating that person:copy this into your profile.

If you've ever been so much in love with someone you knew loved you back, and you cried becuase you knew you couldn't be together: copy this into you profile

Some stuff that goes on!

Sarah comes to my house some. we live so far apart that it is hard sometimes,but it's all good.

last time sarah came to my house.we saw "Just Married".It is so funny. You are guranteed to laugh until your stomach hurts, and you have to pee.

Pirates of the Carribean 1 and 2... awsome!

I feel sorry for my poor friend Sarah. The poor thing has been trying to get her permit for the longest. I kind of feel bad. I have my license and she is still waiting for her parents to let her get her permit. ( i am saying this to rub it in her face) I HAVE MY LICENSE!! ok stopping now.

Sarah is my best friend ever. We have been friends since I can remember. We even think alike.So..Sarah is writing stories and books, then submitting them here as well to fan fiction. As it turns out, I am now her editor in cheif, and best friend. I feel honored. Now we are kindof writing partners. I mean like I give ideas and stuff. Then edit the tories when she sends them to me. It is comical. We will be sitting talking on the phone editing a story. She gets me to edit them because I type faster than her. I can type like 85 or 90 words per minute. Anyway, I guess that's all for now.

God bless you all!


-Jessica's State of Grace

signing off

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