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"There are more things in this world than can ever be seen, more dreams in our hearts than can ever be dreamed..."


26/2/06: My it's been along time since I've last updated TDOC. Never fear though, I am working on Chapter 2! It'll probably come up some time this week if I'm lucky...don't know why, I just keep getting a feeling that no matter how much I edit my second chapter, it'll never be as good as I felt the first was...hum hum hum...

24/2/06: The Flight of Icarus One Shot is up! =) Enjoy!

6/1/06: Get ready! I've just started out a new story, infact, my first story ever. So wish me luck! I'll probably post it up today or tomorrow...after I get everything sorted. ^-^ Haven't even decided a name for it yet...

Name: In real life? I'm not telling...give you a hint though- it means huntress.

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, singing (if you can call the noises I make singing), listening to music, watching movies, anime, TV series, surfing the net, expanding my collection of soft toys, and sleeping. Yes, sleep is gooooooood. =3

Favourite authors: JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Dan Brown, Jane Austen, Chistopher Paolini, CS Lewis, Peter S Beagle, Isobelle Carmody, the list goes on...for a long time...

Favourite songs atm: Ohayou by Keno- the theme song of HunterXHunter, On My Own from the Les Miserables Soundtrack, Reflection from the Mulan Soundtrack, Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows from the Shrek Soundtrack, Broken Vow by Lara Fabian.

Updated: Hana Kagari by Yumi Shizukusa, Far Away by Nickelback, Because of you by Kelly Clarkson, Where are you by Natalie ft. Justin Roman.

Favourite fairy tales: Beauty and the Beast, Swan Princess, and...*tries to continue but collapses from mental breakdown* Too...many...

Favourite word atm: wish- isn't it such a nice word and sound? Dream is excellent too...Some other nice words: arcanum, wings, destiny, azhure, cerulean, lilac, lynx, snow, crystal, diamond. o.o Just noticed that most of the words are all girly...*sighs* ah well...

Favourite weather and scenery: Clear , deep blue sky, with next to no clouds to be seen, a clear lake reflecting the sky like a mirror. Grassy meadows by the lake, sweeping off into snow-capped mountain ranges in the distance. A small cottage by the lake, with a rose garden and the smell of delicious, freshly baked food wafting out from the rose thatched windows.

Pet peeves, i.e. things I abhor/hate/dislike to the extreme: People who say bad things about certain people behind their backs, people who overlook others under the impression that they're not important, telling secrets that aren't yours to tell, people who flame without constructive criticsm, people who plagiarise, people who base their opinions of others on what other people say.

Favourite saying atm: Go for it./ Whatever.

Favourite quotes of all time (not just ones that are a passing faze):

Don't cry. If you have become human enough to cry, then all the magic in the world cannot change you back.

~ Come to the darkness...we have cookies.

~ un sueño dentro de un sueño- a dream with in a dream

~ There are more things in this world than can ever be seen, more dreams in our hearts than can ever be dreamed...

~When you see a fork in the road, don't go left or right, it means someone’s been there before. You should go up the middle. That's where the adventure is.

~Let me fall, Let me Fly, There's no moment when fear and dream must collide. Someone somewhere has the courage, and the one I want, the one I that I am waiting for will catch me. So let me fall, if I must fall, I won't heed your warnings.

~ If I close my eyes to make a wish... Will you be there when I open them?

~Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian.

~The brighter your faith shines the more it will sink into the hungry pools of evil’s darkness.

~Hopeless is my way of life... I have learned it and it has become apart of me. ...Our love like a rose... shattered where the seasons lie... The more you feel it...The more you Die

My Stories:

The Diamonds of Clarinsine:

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Romance- my fave ^^

Summary: Astraea is a thief, and a very good one at that. One day, when her guild is attacked, and her home is destroyed, only a letter still binds her to her path. A letter from the greatest seer ever known- her mother. As darkness threatens to consume the land, only Astraea and her party can save the country from destruction. Using her letter, they can save the world. Using the letter, they can destroy it. For the letter is a key to a legendary mystery- the Diamonds of Clarinsine.

Status: Just started. Currently writing up Chapter 2, but it's a little late as I've been on holiday. I'm looking for a beta-reader for this story- I have no trust in my abilities of proof-reading.... "

The Flight of Icarus

Genre: General/Angst- One shot.

Summary: I didn't put alot of effort into this one-shot- it was really more a type of venting for me, based on exactly for I felt when I wrote it. I was feeling very depressed at that time, and unfortunately, even after venting, my week only got much worse.

Anyway, my inspiration for this title is from the Greek legend that most of you should know. Icarus and his father Daedalus were thrown into a labyrinth that Daedalus himself had made for helping Theseus defeat the minotaur. Daedalus was a master artisan, and he crafted two sets of wings from wax and feathers, one for him, the other for Icarus. They were to fly out of the labyrinth to safety. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too low, for his wings would get wet in the sea, and not to fly too high, for the wax on his wings would be melted by the sun. Icarus didn't heed his fathers warning, and flew too high, before falling far, far down into the sea.

There is also a painting called 'The Fall of Icarus'- if you like mythology and art, check it out, it's beautiful.

Status: Complete.

The Storyteller


Summary: I've posted this up before, on my older account which I have now deleted due to password and email problems. I'm still not sure yet whether I should make 'The Storyteller' a one-shot, or a series of one-shots. Which may be why the summary is so ambiguous.

I wrote this story last year, and the story itself was a deep meaning to me, so I love it especially. Special thanks to XxDragonPrincessNikkixX for helping me with this piece.

Reviewing: I return reviews to anyone who reviews my story/stories, I think that it is common courtesy. However, if you do review, please don't make it a 'Good story, plz review mine' one. Please? It's quite annoying and frankly, rude.

It was like a gloom, with a thousand facetts
It shone like silver in the firelight
like water in the sun,
like snow under the stars,
like rain upon the moon.

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