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I have finally updated Angels with the strong encouragement I recently received. Please continue to review and give feed back as I do my best to make long and bounding strides in my writing journey. Thank you for your support.

Konnichiwa, my name is Alyson, but you many call me Aly, Carrot, or any others you come up with. I am a 6'3 athlete who likes to write fanfiction and my own original stories. I play basketball, softball and volleyball. I also play piano and I love (LOVE) drawing and writing. My best friends are Claire who is also registered on too! She's INGULFEDDARKNESS, and she's got some really amazing stories! Then there is SOLITARYDREAMER! Don't worry Em, I still got'cha! She's got some great stories in the making but the issue seems to be getting her to upload them. ;)

I like anime and manga... did I already mention that...? (Oh well!) My favorite anime is Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, CardCaptor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth. My favorite manga is W. Juliet, and Princess Ai. Here is all the anime/manga I've seen/read: InuYasha, W Juliet, Fruits Basket, Chrono Crusade, Tokyo Mew Mew, Tokyo Mew Mew: Al La Mode,Trigun, Real bout Highschool, Love Hina, Girl Got Game, Mink, Pita Ten, Last Hope, Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow, Sorcerer Hunters, Hyper Police, Amazing Agent Luna, A.I. Love You, Faries' Landing, Saint Tail, Sailor Moon, Forbidden Dance, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Shaolin Sisters, The One I love, Culdcept, Digimon, DNAngel, Dragon Knights, I.N.V.U., Psychic Academy, Zodiac P.I., Warcraft, Kanpai, In dream world, Chibi Vampire, Kamichama Karin, Full Moon, Hot Gimmick, Bow Wow Watta and Princess Ai.

Live Journal-

My Favorite Pairings are...

Inuyasha- Inuyasha&Kagome, Rin&Sesshy, Sango&Miroku, Kikyou&Naraku
Card Captor Sakura- Sakura&Syaoran, Eriol&Tomoyo, Chiharu&Yamazaki, Rika&Terada (Or OC works too)
Tsubasa Chronicls- Syaoran&Sakura, Kurogane&PrincessTomoyo, Yukito&Touya, Fai&Chii
Magic Knight Rayearth- Hikaru&Lantis, Hikaru&Eagle, Umi&Clef, Umi&Ascot, Fuu&Ferio
Fruits Basket- Yuki&Tohru, Shigure&Mayu, Kyo&Tohru
W Juliet- Makoto&Ito
Kamichama Karin- Karin&Kazune
Naruto- Naruto&Sakura
Tokyo Mew Mew- Ichigo&Masaya, Ichigo&Ryou, Ichigo&Kish, Pudding&Tart (-Fangirl squeals- KAWAII!) Zarkuro&Pie, Lettuce&Ryou, Berry&Tatsuka
Pita Ten- Misha&Keitaro, Keitaro&Shia, Ten-chan&Koboshi

In Progress Fanfiction(s):

Inuyasha (1)
Kili's Jewel Shard: Now that Naraku is destroyed, Kikyo put to rest, Miroku's wind tunel closed, everything should be peacful... or is it? It seems that somewhere along the line, one of Naraku's jewel shards was stolen. Information about the jewel unknown.

Magic Knight Rayearth (1)
Tokyo Reincarnations: One year after their first summoning to Cephiro the three Magic Knights cannot forget their horrible crim. The murder of Princess Emeraude. Also remembering the wonderful people they left behind. But evil is brewing fast, as magic returns, and the girls are once again thrown into a world of indecicion. Little be known... deaths awaits... lingering in the corner of their futures...

Card Captor Sakura (1)
I'm More Than My Role: Princess Kinomoto Sakura is a girl with dreams of freedom and peace. But lives in the opposite; A cage and war. But when she escapes her cage of security, she finds out more of her destiny from a mysterious man named Clow, and learns to fight her fears with the company of a boy with no memories of his past. Will she also learn to love?

Completed Fanfiction(s):

Fruits Basket (1)
I can feel it in my Heart:
Tohru's confusion comes to a hault when a sudden death stikes her life. But when she finally knows her feelings, it just so happens that he's gone. Complete

Upcomming Fanfiction(s):

Kamichama Karin
Name- The Goddess Within
Rating PG13/Teen
Genre- Romance/General
After Karin's inner confession with her feelings with Kazune, she runs into Kireka-senpai who offers her a ring. She acceps his gift. Only to have divine energy take her memory away. That and her love for Kazune. She's taken away to start a new life. Years later they meet. Will she remember? Or will she push him away?

Card Captor Sakura
Name- Moving On
Genre- General

Rating- PG13/Teen
Summary- Sakura and Tomoyo were friends from the start. But when conflicts separate them and things change, friendships become harder to keep. OneShot.

Original work:

Defenders of Kanrik: Fourteen year old Nickoel Ruzeen always seemed like an ordinary 8th grader. Drooled over boys, loved gymnastics, had okay grades... but all that changed on birthday. One faitful day she recieved a distress call from a princess from a far off dimention. When she's told to save her incarnation's time, find 13 other 'defenders', use magic spells controling fire, share a body with a 1/2 tiger demon, what's a girl to do...?
Note(s) for Defenders of Kanrik- Alright, the reason the prologue is so jumbled my characters are emotional rolercoasters right now is because it's JUST A PROLOGUE. I have alot I want to get in, and I DO NOT want to stretch the it out into three chapters (three parts to the pro.) It's long enough as it is, so I really, really don't want to spend too much time with emotions and inner turmoil. So please stick with me and be patiant! Thank you to Born A Critic for pointing this out to me, and I'd appreciate it if you'd read when I update again! PS- BTW: This will be NOTHING like Sailor Moon!! I promise!! -CarrotCraverCutie (Thursday, April 12 2007)

Angels: A fatal war sends an elf to his destruction for the one he loves, a Princess to suicide and the shadows darker than ever. In futile desperation the princess sends a dark angel to Earth... along with the other three: Angel of love, angel of war, and angel of wisdom. Not remembering they're lives in their world, they're powerless to prevent the shadows from befalling their lives. But say goodbye to their normal highschool lives, because their magic and powers are slowly returning and are unable to hide! But to make matters worse, they learn from a demon who claims to be one of the angle’s fiancee that explains the horrible fate of earth and their own; utter annihilation. Having all four angels on earth unbalanced the power of the two worlds. Now it's time to learn their spells, get armor and travel through the shadows' unknown territory, defy the prophecy that spells disaster and save the world they've cherished for years.
Note(s) for Angels- I got a comment the other day that said that it was a little sudden that in the summary, it skipped from war and fantasy to high school girls with crushes on their best friends in about two sentences. And my response to that is that I'm sorry that the summary turned out to be very rushed and jumbled, but I promise, the story will not be rushed and questions will be answered. (Eventually. -Big smirks-) And a big thank you to the reviewer that pointed this out to me! I really appreciate it! Also, with the highschool stuff, this is just backround and the calm before the storm if you know what I mean. For each girl there'll probably be about 3-5 chapters before the actual plotline comes into affect. -CarrotCraverCutie (Tuesday, January 16 2007)-

Yamazari's search for Light: Yamazari Kinomoto is an 8th grade sudent at Zarotomio Junior High. Unknown to those around her, she's a girl with thoughts of suicide. Her mother and father are alcoholics, her sister murdered and not a friend to tell. Caught red-handed in a suicidal act, she is sent to a mental hospital. When she's ready to come back, nothing has changed her mind from her eradication, and nothing will ever change that. Well... at least that's what she thought. Meeting three girls; Yami, Namu and Keara... they might just make her life worth living, in any case; they're three girls that will change her life forever...

Fire and Wind:Children have always been so innocent, and pure. As one of that age, the imagination flows, and imaginationary friends were always fun to have. But as the children grow and lose their purness and innocent nature, their once best friend disappears forever. But... what if these so called 'imaginary friends', weren't so 'imaginary'? Well, that's what it seems like when a young girl is saved by one, and another, giddy, care free girl comes upon a spirit. It's time to learn about these spirits and their worlds... too bad falling in love wasn't part of this procedure...

Negatively Charged: Sakura Kurami is a sixteen year old girl with a very unique and rare job. A matchmaker with a twist. When she was little, she was in a severe storm and was electrocuted. She live, but gained a special ability: The vision to see people’s electric waves. Literally speaking, she can see positive and negative charges. What does the have to do with matchmaking? Her job, using her abilities to put pairs together and keeping them in love for eternity. The phrase opposites attract is truer under certain circumstances...

Angelic Sisterhood: When a deseased spirit travels to the next world, appearences change as well as the mind. But when two sisters, shy Miyu and hyperactive Mayu step forward while death gradually steals Mayu's withering life away, will Miyu be able to save her...? And herself...?

Completed Original Work:

No One Understands: I love what I do... I've been hurt... But... You don't understand... No one does...

A Holiday Visit From An Old Friend: “Kureau,” I greeted happily as I clutched my Nokia cell phone closer to my flushed cheek. “It’s Xmas Eve tomorrow and I haven’t seen you forever!” I bit my lip, hoping she wouldn’t be busy again. “Can you come?” A pregnant pause, “I’ll be there.”
Note(s) for A Holiday Visit- X-MAS SPECIAL FOR CLAIRE-CHAN! Merry Christmas Emi-chan and Katie-chan too! I miss you guys!! (Even though this wasn't even written to be posted, I decided to. It was originally an English assignment for school... Turned out to be so much more though!)

Reviews accepted, Instructive Critisism accepted, Flames considered.

This is CarrotCraverCutie! Signing out!


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