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To anyone in DJ 07-08 reading my profile right now... we needn't mention of this in school... don't ask how I came up with all of that stuff you'll read here...

Darkness is the absence of light. Light tries to seep through everything. But without the other both will not exist, so chaos is the balance. Change is constant. Imperfection is human. To forgive is divine, but revenge is sweeter. Someone just had to make Math complicated.

Favorite Quotes :

Diego: He. She. It.

Me: Codamos is 'he', LA is 'she' no offence, Ronald is 'it'. The 'it' part is quite fitting though.

Me: (to Robert) Are you planning to smuggle the brownies home?

(He walked fast enough through the buffet table not getting a single brownie)

Diego: If only you had longer hair and breasts.

Diego: We've found your wife sir. (aka Joselito and LA moment)

Diego: (we were watching pre-schoolers do their field demo) Look at them, so innocent, with no thoughts of greed, lust, or individualism.

Me: And if you look to your right, you'll see a prime example of greed, lust, and individualism.

Me: You know, the dip really sucks.

Diego: Maybe we could make a story about it, on High School Musical! About Oliver! And how he looks like Olesya Rulin!

T. Jen: (while extremely mad and scolding two of her students) Who's bag is that!

Me: Diego's. (I put simply)

T. Jen: (laughs) You ruined the moment!

Diego: I'm itching to get some sleep. You know why?

Me: Why?

Diego: 'Cause after 4 months of sleeping with the same bedsheets and pillow casings my grandfather had finally changed them!

T. Leslie: (to LA, after raising his hand unknowingly) Are you gay?

T. Leslie: Elaine!

T. Leslie: Okay, LA, the 'not gay' one.

Me: It's weird on how the group actually works. You have 3 brains, 2 troublemakers, and one idiot.

Monique: hey, I look like a genius with these glasses.

Me: But you aren't.

1st year: 'line from "Vengeance isn't ours, it's God's"'

"Did you know me 5 years ago?"

Renee: No.

Beverly: Well, you know this movie here, 'Murderer', it's so romantic, but there are those graphic scenes in it. The movie is really good though.

Shiena: Hey Ray, hey!

Beverly: Hey Ray, hey!

Me: If you think I'm that bad, try telling Gian about it, and watch what'll happen.

So they do tell him about it... and what happens?

He grins?

Me: See?

Line from Vengeance...

Shiena: Why are you staring at me? Why are you whispering to one another?

(everyone stops whispering...)

Monica: Lawfully speaking, I am unreasonable. (Irony, anyone?)

Sheina's best quote:

How do you describe the death of a homosexual, and what'll be the title for it?

Shiena: The Death, of a Chiuhuahua.

Me: The sad truth that your little brother can kick your ass, LA.

Me: Know when to be offensive, defensive, and supportive. You can't be just one thing all of the time. You've got to know when to put the cards down, fold, draw, call, and go all in. And when 3 men rape your girlfriend... go to the bar, lock the door with a soft click, and beat the living crap out of them. (Coward of the County)

Manuel: Karma and the Art of Killing Roaches. Catchy title.

Me: Hmm, ways of killing roaches... the orthodox barbarian ways. Get a shoe or HUGE footwear and prepare yourself for numerous times of whacking and running towards that roach with screaming females making terrain much, much, MUCH harder.

Here's a new one,

Me: To Americans they have something called a pooper scooper, or poop scoop. Here we have something called, a shovel.

Me: Great minds suffer alike.

Sheina: Don't judge a bookmark by it's cover.

Me: We don't know how or why LA can cuss with a voice of a little girl, but we do know that it has something to do with our assistant principal calling him Elaine.

LA: Ray! The 6'2 point guard!

Joselito: Hey LA, you wanna be my unpaid sex worker? (in other words, his girlfriend, coz that's the PC term for it.)

LA: No more 20 second violation, stay on one box for 20 seconds, lasers appear and you die! (for patintero with actual weaponry...)

Me: We take pride in making ears and noses bleed for years on end by being fluent in English.

To DJ... you know?... it's really weird that people are literally fighting over T. Patz... soo... freaky... I mean... come on... yell... he's mine? What. The. Hell. Wow... as if you guys would actually have him?... Oye... oh and by the way, Abad Santos is his co-advisory...

Personal thoughts...

'Life as a Dark Knight' I only thought up of a while ago, and I scibbled it down, trying to not get people to read it...

'The Other Side: White Mage' explains the other person involved in the story, who the dark knight was talking about in his journal.

'Avatars', I've had it for a while, and I've finally decided on making it into a story. I've planned 9 chapters so far, but a warning, this will contain slash, whether you like it or not. It's also pretty much like the show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', but I added my own personal twists to it.

'Loss', as Shiena commented, had suckkish grammar, I had to make the grammar a little fuzzy to make it look as much alike to everyone else at school, 'cause I wanted to make it look like one of them, really. You do know that most people aren't that good when it comes to English... right? Especially as a second language... Accents... only come once you've slowly mastered the language, that you adapt to it's pronunciation. Got it?

The other stories, they're only ficticious replicas to my REAL story. One that you may never, ever, find out.

'Dreamers', unfortunately, I don't continue, or any other story, because they're mainly one-shots of my past. See if you can put together every clue I've left there.

Currently studying at Ateneo de Manila University (II AB Literature English)

nitram_1208: oh why is it that majority of the good reads on fictionpress located in the m section?

AJ Elicano: Because teens make up simultaneously the biggest portion of fanficcers and the portion most likely to produce inane works of Mary Sue-infested drivel?

nitram_1208: and that the only other way of venting their romantic angst is fawning over some jonas brother or justin bieber?

AJ Elicano: Or gay vampire faerie.

nitram_1208: yes.

AJ Elicano: Or shirtless werewolf anti-faerie.

nitram_1208: emphasis on shirtless. now producing cougars in the making.

AJ Elicano: TRUE.

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