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Good news! I now have Firefox so the fact that Safari sucks on Fictionpress is no longer an issue!

I am in love with writing and have found a lot of comfort in reading and writing lately. I'm a college girl. I recently discovered that college means all work and no play... except for drinking during the weekends, and I don't have as much time to write. Sorry about delays, but reviewing does make me more likely to try harder to write for you.

Jack's Angel~ Jack, a Sophomore in high school, falls in love with the girl three doors down. However, her past includes a lot of agony, including a reason that she was home-schooled from the time she was seven to fourteen. Now that Jack and Angela can really get to know one another, Jack just hopes that Angela will help him through tragedy and hopes he can protect her from harm. FINISHED!

Angela's Devil~ Now that Jack is a senior, a few girls think that he is too good for Angela, and decide to break up the happy couple. With more false rumors flying around, is it possible for Jack and Angela to see them for what they are and salvage their relationship? Or will they lose each other forever? FINISHED!!

Scarlet Panda~ In as world world of superheroes, Am Wilson is the Red Panda, a laughed at, ridiculed superhero of the city Clinton, Indiana. But when all the other superheroes are jetted off into space in a rocket disguised as a court house, Am only remains on earth because she over slept. Now, she is the only one who stands between evil and the safety of those around her, not to mention the cute new boy. So she takes on a new title of the Scarlet Panda and reinvents herself.

Popular~ Cara Zani is the daughter of a millionaire living in the middle of nowhere. She and her three best friends, Anna, Beth, and Dani, make up the school's popular crowd of her grade. Of course, the town they live in is extremely strange because no males have been born in thirty years, which meant that the only five guys in her grade had moved into town, and none of them were proper boyfriend material being either gay, video-game geeks, or a complete and total pervert. That is until Greg Roberts moves into town from New York City and he is everything she could have ever wished for. Of course, he's also everything any of her friends could have ever wished for as well. FINISHED!!

Popular: My Way is the Only Way~ School has started again and there is one thing on everyone's mind, Homecoming. Of course, Cara needs a date, but could she possibly give up her hope of finding a guy to commit and agree to go with Greg, or will she mend Greg's ways? Also, Beth is having problems and Anna, Cara, and Dani are determined to help Beth fix them, no matter how much Beth resists. FINISHED!

Popular: Ignore the Stares~ Over Thanksgiving break, Cara goes with Greg and his family to New York to visit her dad. While in New York, her dad gives her some news that Cara is shocked to find out. She also meets Carson, Kyra, Drew, Marie, and Kia, the crowd Greg used to hang out with before he moved. There are developments back home involving Billy and Anna. Anna, however, wants to keep it secret. FINISHED!

Popular: In the Spotlight~ First, Dani's Birthday; but not everything seems to be perfect in her world. Then, whoever told Anna that coming home was an option forgot to mention the consequences. Finally, we must not forget Cara and her dad's wedding in the Big Apple. FINISHED!

Popular: Top Ten~ Now that school's back in session, things have changed. Kyle Swanson, Carson Urban, and Molly Jenson are now going to school with Cara and don't forget, she doesn't have the best final grade for history. And, now that Anna's not grounded, how is she handling the freedom? Or, how will Dani handle Howard. And, what about Beth? FINISHED!

Popular: Down and Dirty~ Anna's sister thinks she's ready for sex. Beth moved to California. Dani is head over heels in love with Carson. And Cara, well, her birthday was just plain forgotten. Now, she's on a warpath of revenge. Happiness may be over for our favorite friends.

Unpopular~ The summer before Greg moved into town, Anna Zuki went away to a two month summer camp that gave her a scholarship. However, what she didn't know is that Amber Franklin had been the holder of that same scholarship for three years in a row before Anna got it. Now, Amber wants revenge, and Anna has only one friend among the numerous females at the camp, so she turns to the boys, something she is hoping to get experience with finally, for help. Will Anna survive the whole two months of contact sports where most of her own teammates are against her, or will she be eaten by Amber?

Newtseye Academy: Place of Darkness~ Rilie, Zody, and Bade are best friends at Newtseye Academy. When a war between a Banshee Army and a Siren Army erupts, everyone takes sides in the magical world. Vampires and Werewolves are on the Banshee side, while the Elves and Fairies are on the Siren side. However, Enchatresses and Shamans throughtout the world seem pretty evenly split, except at Newtseye where the three friendsseem to be the only three supporting the Sirens. Slowly, they begin to get shunned, and then tortured, until they must chose between staying in a school where it is clear that they are not wanted, or run off to find Rilie's missing parents and the key to the peace of the world.

The Game~ Avalon just wants to be Moseph's friend again. Moseph can't get her out of his head, no matter how much he wants her gone. Once she has convinced him to play the game, he tries to use it to scare her away, until the whole school wants in. Now, having to do something for whoever you confess the loss to, everyone tries harder not to lose, but can't help but lose more often. In the chaos that ensues, can Avalon get through to Moseph? FINISHED!

No Good Deed~ Ryan and Callie have never gotten along. But now, Zoey, best friend to both of them, is trying to help them get over their hatred. Can they get over their past and learn to endure one another, or even possibly fall in love? Probably not, but lust might be just around the corner.

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New Road, The by writersprite reviews
[Changing Scenes book 1] Moving from all she knew in Colorado, Vicki must now call an empty house in Oregon home. But with new enemies at a new school, Vicki isn't so sure she wants to. Not even for him. [5-2023: added chapters 21-25]
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No Good Deed reviews
Ryan and Callie cannot stand one another. Zoey is Callie's best friend... and Ryan's best friend. After an incident which ends up with orange juice in Ryan's eyes, he decides that, despite her not being blonde, he will get her into bed. But will their feelings of hatred change as their lives collide?
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Beth has moved to California, and she's having trouble there with the Bev Hills teens. However, back in Ohio, the world has forgotten one very important date, Cara's birthday. She's not about to let her friends off for that mistake. Story 6.
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This is just a survey answered by the characters from Popular to help readers know them better.
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Unpopular reviews
Anna was given a scholarship to a 2 month sports camp. Only problem, Amber wants the scholarship back and makes Anna's summer a lovely hell. Now, Anna just wants to live to see home again, never mind the boys.
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Rilie, Bade, and Zody are students at Newtseye Acedemy. But when a war breaks out between the Banshees and Sirens, the three must decide if they are where they need to be. M for sex, rape, violence, drugs and drinking.
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You know the Game, the one you're not supposed to think about. Well, Avalon and Moseph decide to make it a little more interesting with a wager, until it gets out of their control. Cheerleaders, jocks, punks... everyone wants in on their new version.
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Sequel to Jack's Angel. Now that Jack is at his peak of popularity starting his senior year of high school, a certain girl decides he's too good for Angela and breaks them up. Will Jack be able to save his relationship?
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Am has to deal with all the same problems as everyother girl. Boys, social cliches, boys, siblings, boys, peer pressure, boys, puberty, boys... and super villians trying to take over the world.
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COMPLETE! Cara is off to New York with the Roberts to visit her dad, and learns about a whole new jungle. At the same time, a little mischief is being brewed in Hoffmanburgville. Story 3
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COMPLETE! School's back in session in Hoffmanburgville, and that means one thing, Homecoming is right around the corner. Cara and friends are scrambling for date, but Cara's obviouse choice is the one she dreads. Story 2
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Popular reviews
COMPLETE! Anna, Beth, Cara, and Dani are best friends in their community in the middle of nowhere and nothing could tear them apart. That was until Greg moved in and swept them all off their feet. Book 1 in a series!
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Beverly and Harris are best friends and going steady. But what happens when Bev's dad finds out they've had sex? This is a short story.
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Kalista is a middle aged woman who one day loses her mind and becomes Manic.
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My experience with love.
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Just a few ponderings on my cousin... or is he?
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A bit of a sad poem.
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