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Well, 'ello there!

There are many things in this world that completely befuddle me, one of them happens to be the people that take them time to actually read these profile thingies.

So, me being the benevolent person that I am, have decided to NOT treat this as a chore, and actually atempt to write/type something worth while, and interesting.

I WILL keep updating, so that I keep finding 'interesting' things to put on here.

Well, for starters, I'll give you my basic BIO:

Name: Sarcastic-Rogue. But, people mostly address me as Prathi, except for the select few that insist on calling me George, Dark, Quacking Snuggles, and so forth

Age: Young enough to cross the street without some 'young man' helping me with my groceries. Old enough to stomp my foot immaturely, and not get away with it.

Gender: Girly-Wirly.

Height: Hmm, dunno...ah, about 5'2 ish. DON'T LAUGH!!!!!

Weight: D'you want a slipper in your face?!

The rest of my information is NONE YA BUSINESS! *ahem* I'm done with my slight moment of insanity. Thankyou for waiting...

Now, I am willing to BETA anybody, and I enjoy getting friendly e-mail! If ya wanna chat, have questions, comments, etc, then, by all means: e-mail me!

OH! If any of you want original characters for your stories, then e-mail me!


Well! I am updating! Isn't that positively thrilling?! As my update, I have a xanga, and here it is: http:///Quacking_Snuggles

Visit me!

Well, as you can see, I have posted a story and a poem.

Now, why is it that I get only a FEW reviews???

Ok, I have atleast been on the receiving end. But, I NEED MOOORE. I need to know if my story is worth while.

Currently, I am tossing around the idea of re-vamping it, and re-posting a new and IMPROVED 'Keys of my Mind'

'Cause I really don't think I have done anywhere close to my best on that thing. My poem on the other hand actually, it's a song I think I have done quite well on. I've also posted another poem, ''Til Death'

Ya wanna check 'em out...?

Well, well, here I am, posting once more. Wonderful, eh? Hey, people ou there, have any plot ideas? Anything that you can't post on paper, because you feel that you cannot write, or something? Well, then e-mail me, and I shall help you out! Or, if you have an idea that you want ME to write about, then communication always works!

By the way, you can contact me via e-mail OR review! actually, I prefer review...

Hmmm...I have posted a one-shot that in my opinion, blows everything else I have done out of the water. Why is it that I have yet to receive any reviews...?

C'mon, people! I dun wanna post for NOTHING!!!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Kenmei was just a young woman who was paranoid beyond moral help. Then she met Kyou, a dangerously seductive Demon who pledges his eternal love to her. Now she takes twice the medication.
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She needed the notes to play her life, though she couldn't see her keys or her future. He needed somebody to play his music, though he couldn't play to save his life. Perhaps...opposites do attract. Then again, maybe not...
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